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Afro Samurai: Resurrection (R2) in April

Manga Entertainment have announced the UK Region 2 DVD release of Afro Samurai: Resurrection on 27th April 2009 priced at £22.99 RRP. Afro Samurai (Samuel L. Jackson) avenged his father and found a life of peace. But the legendary master is forced back into the game by a beautiful and deadly woman from his past. The sparks of violence dropped along Afro's bloody path now burn out of control - and nowhere are the flames of hatred more intense than in the eyes of Sio (Lucy Liu). She won't quit until Afro is schooled in the brutal lessons he dealt those who stood in his way.

This follow-up to Afro Samurai also features the voice of Mark Hamill.

Released as a 2-Disc Special Edition Director's Cut, features include:

  • Anamorphic Widescreen
  • English DD2.0 and DD5.1
  • Afro Samurai Game
  • Enter the RZA
  • Afro in Depth
  • Afro Samurai: Meets the West Part 1
  • Afro Samurai: Meets the West Part 2
  • Afro Samurai at San Diego Comic-Con 2008
  • Part A Video Commentary

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