ADV Films at the London MCM Expo this Weekend!

ADV Films will also be at the London MCM Expo this weekend with numerous events lined up to keep anime fans happy while also taking the opportunity to reveal new licenses, some of which are detailed in the press release below...

ADV Films today announced the launch of their new series for Q2 and Q3 at popular cult event London Expo, taking place on the 14th & 15th May at ExCel Centre, London Docklands. ADV Films is pleased to be involved with the Expo’s new initiative, the Anime Village, where screenings, panels and cosplay competitions will all be taking place, as well as giving fans sneak previews of the latest, freshest hottest anime to grace UK shores. Below are the latest titles to leap from Japanese TV and DVD to UK shops - and every one of them can be seen exclusively at the Expo! Drop by the ADV stand to buy DVDs, get exclusive ADV merchandise, or just chill with fellow fans and cosplayers - check out for more information.

When mankind faces an alien force with technology light years ahead of Earth’s, it may take a man obsessed with the past to save them. The fate of the planet rests on whether the eccentric billionaire Sandman can build a machine as great as the myths of old. His creation is a god for the modern age, a deity forged of circuits and steel - it is Gravion! Only a young band of orphaned misfits are born with the ability to pilot this top-secret weapon. All life on the planet depends on how well they can fight the Zeravire - if they can only stop fighting amongst themselves!

Aquarian Age
Unbeknownst to Kyouta, five supernatural factions have warred for mankind supremacy for centuries, with legend prophesising the coming of Aquarian Age. Unfortunately, Kyouta's dreams of stardom don't coincide with his destiny of holding the power to turn the tides of war in favour of whoever can control him.

Being a teenager is rough enough, but young Daisuke’s got more troubles than any ten normal guys. Due to a strange quirk of genetics, Daisuke’s been cursed with an ancient family affliction that’s sure to put some major kinks in his relationship with the opposite sex. You see, whenever he becomes… enamored… with the object of his desires, Daisuke finds himself transformed into the legendary thief Phantom Dark! Unfortunately, the only way to return to his true form is for his true love to love Daisuke for himself; but when she’s only got eyes for Dark, how can Daisuke compete with himself? Stealing the heart of one’s true love has never been as complicated… or intriguing… as in DNAngel!

Divergence Eve
In the 24th Century, intergalactic space travel has become a reality. One of the first outposts in the far reaches of space is the Watcher’s Nest, a launching point for the brand new state-of-the-art inflation hole drive portal. Unfortunately, the outpost has recently come under attack by a mysterious and vicious alien force known simply as the Ghoul. A group of young hard-headed (and hard-bodied) female cadets with fresh out of boot camp have been assigned to defend the station at all costs. This bevy of beauties is unexpectedly thrown into a hornet’s nest of trouble as they finalize their training to become elite pilots in the Seraphim squadron.

Her name is Mikura, and she's all about service with a smile. So what if that service is cracking skulls and the smile happens to be on the other end of a loaded gun? Get ready for this chic with a killer body and vicious skills to wreak havoc and mayhem all in the name of the Danger Service Agency!

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