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Acorn Media in March

Acorn Media have announced the UK Region 2 DVD release of Oz and James Drink to Britain on 2nd March 2009 priced at £19.99 RRP. In this TV series wine expert Oz Clarke and Top Gear’s James May travel the country in search for a drink that defines Britain. A 2-disc set, there are no extras.

Also arriving on 2nd March 2009 is Victorian Farm, a TV series about a special trio with archaeological, historical and agricultural skills who devoted a year of their life to re-creating life in a 19th century rural environment. RRP is £19.99 and there are no extras.

And again, on 2nd March 2009 there is Waterloo Road Series 3. This BBC drama series is based in a troubled Rochdale comprehensive school and focuses on the trials and tribulations of the staff and students. A three-disc set, there are no extras. RRP is £24.99.

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