A second trailer for the Crocodile Dundee sequel has now been released

On the weekend we published a trailer for Dundee: The Son Of A Legend and tie me kangaroo down, sport but only a few days later here is another one.

There's obviously a bigger ruse going on here but what it's leading up to we've no idea. The second 'trailer' features Chris Hemsworth and is just as brief as the first one. It's impossible for a film like this to have just popped out of nowhere featuring both Danny McBride and Hemsworth without any other news attached to it. If they are coming out at this rate then we can probably expect quite a few more on the lead up to whatever it is they are promoting. Or selling. Our money is on the latter.

Check out the trailer above and see what you make of it. We think it's safer to be in denial but are secretly hoping Dundee: The Son Of A Legend is a real thing. Time will tell.

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