A new Knives Out film is officially in the works

A new Knives Out film is officially in the works

Lionsgate yesterday revealed results for its fiscal third quarter that saw them exceed Wall Street forecasts with revenue of $998.5 million. During a Q3 earnings call the studio's CEO Jon Feltheimer also revealed that a new Knives Out film was now officially in the works.

We already know that earlier in award season director Rian Johnson discussed he had already begun putting together ideas for a second film. Johnson's producing partner Ram Bergman has also mentioned that Daniel Craig was eager to reprise the role. "Daniel had so much fun doing it, and he wants to do more," he said. 

The box office success of the first film inevitably meant Lionsgate would be eager to push for a follow up, and combined with Johnson and Craig's willingness to stay aboard the studio have the core ingredients needed to try and emulate the returns of the original.

Any new Knives Out film is unlikely to be a direct continuation of where we left Craig's Southern private eye Benoit Blanc at the end of the first story. Johnson has previously mentioned that he would like to use the character in a similar vein to those who appear in the Agatha Christie novels. That would mean setting up a new mystery and location and present the opportunity to draft in yet another star-studded cast.

The marketing for the first Knives Out worked a charm, and if they can do the same again, there's every chance Lionsgate could be looking at another big success. And if that happens, who knows how long this series of films could run for.

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Knives Out (2019)
Dir: Rian Johnson | Cast: Ana de Armas, Chris Evans, Daniel Craig, Riki Lindhome | Writer: Rian Johnson

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