A limited TV series based on Parasite is potentially in the works

A limited TV series based on Parasite is potentially in the works

Bong Joon Ho’s much celebrated Parasite film is the darling of cinephiles, Hollywood and critics alike, and it was revealed a short while ago that Bong Joon-ho was in discussion with HBO to turn the story into a TV series - with a helping hand from Adam McKay.

HBO are in talks with Bong and McKay to create an limited TV version of the film, with CJ Entertainment - who produced the film - Bong’s producing and writing partner Dooho Choi, and McKay’s Hyperobject Industries all involved. Boon and McKay would serve as executive producers.

At this stage we have no idea if it will be a remake of the film, or if it will pick up where the story ends, which leaves itself open for more events to follow for the Kim clan. It is also unclear whether or not the TV series will be in English or Korean, although given what Bong said about subtitles while collecting his Best Foreign Language film award at the Golden Globes last Sunday, it would be somewhat hypocritical if it wasn’t in the Korean language.

It should also be remembered that a TV series based on Bong’s 2013 sci-fi thriller, Snowpiercer (which was adapted from a French graphic novel of the same name by Jacques Lob and Jean-Marc Rochette) has also been promised for some time. A trailer for the series was shown at the San Diego Comic Con earlier this year along with a panel.

We’re not sure if this is a good idea or a bad one, or whether it will actually come to fruition at all. Either way, given the way it has surprised everyone with its performance at the box office there will be no shortage of people willing to give it a shot.

Parasite arrives in UK cinemas on February 7.

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