8 Films to Watch on TV This Week

Amy   Sat   11/8   More4 @ 21:00

A feature length documentary about the wild and at times sordid life of chanteuse Amy Winehouse and her tragic death in 2011 aged 27. The format is the usual talking heads one but a lash of home video clips and interviews with her family and friends turn this into a deeply personal and upsetting watch that will grip you even when you know how her story ends.

My Neighbour Totoro   Sun   12/8   Film4 @ 13:00

2 young girls, Satsuki and Mei, move to the countryside when their mother becomes ill and discover a wonderful and magical world in the forest beside their house. A slice of absolute joy from Studio Ghibli. The kind of movie that will plaster a smile across your face, a beautiful cartoon loaded with imagination and ideas. A perfect way to introduce young family members to the world of anime.

Dead Calm   Sun   12/8   TCM @ 23:05

Following an awful tragedy, a couple on a boating holiday at sea take in the survivor of a boat wreck. Of course things go sideways. A blistering thriller that never gets boring despite being mostly set onboard a small ship. Super acting and a lot of tension make this a nail biting watch. Nicole Kidman and Sam Neill are in fine form as the couple and Billy Zane makes for a memorable baddie.

Fruitvale Station   Mon   13/8   CH4 @ 00:15

The true story of a young man called Oscar Grant III and the last 24 hrs of his life in California's Bay Area before he fell foul of white America. Director Ryan Coogler and star Michael B. Jordan both do brilliant work in this microcosmic look at the daily pressures of life as an African American male. A scary and heart breaking tale. Octavia Spenser and Kevin Durand are excellent in support

Shrooms   Tues   14/8   Horror Channel @ 23:10

A pack of eejits take a load of magic mushrooms and head off into the woods in a remote part of Ireland. The locals who live there are not one bit happy about all of this. Paddy Breathnach's 2007 horror film isn't remotely scary but there's some good gory fun to be had from the drug induced visuals and seeing silly tourists meet grisly demises. Sean McGinley and Don Wycherley are solid as always.

Crank : High Voltage   Thurs   16/8   ITV4 @ 23:40

Chev Chelios is on the move again in this insane sequel to the 2006 hit. His heart has been stolen(?!!) and only regular jolts of electricity are keeping him alive. Can he stay going long enough to get revenge? This film is absolutely unhinged and definitely not for the faint hearted. Jason Statham has a ball in the lead role and Amy Smart & Dwight Yoakam in support just about manage to keep up with him.

Scott of the Antarctic   Fri   17/8   BBC2 @ 12 midday

In 1912 Robert Falcon Scott led the Terra Nova expedition to Antarctica in the hopes of being the first people to reach the South Pole. Things.......did not go well. This Ealing production is a great watch. Filmed in beautiful early technicolor and with a haunting score, this a powerful and eerie imagining of a expedition where no one is really sure what exactly happened. John Mills as Scott is, as always, a fantastic lead.

The Greasy Strangler   Fri   17/8   Film4 @ 22:55

Ok, I'm apologising in advance for recommending this one. A father and son fall for the same woman. At the same time an oily murderer is roaming the streets of their town. This very unique film is like nothing you've ever seen, it's disgusting but a streak of jet black humour running through it keeps it from being unwatchable. Michael St Michaels, Sky Elobar and Elizabeth De Razzo all give..erm... committed performances.

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