8 Films to Watch on Freeview TV This Week.

The Iceman   Sat   21/10   CH4 @ 23:35

Richard Kuklinski was a hitman for the DiMeo crime family in New York and an evil one at that. This is the story of his rise and fall which is nothing new but the lead performance by Michael Shannon is so intense and unsettling that it papers over a lot of the cracks in the film. The supporting cast is top notch as well: Winona Ryder, Ray Liotta, Chris Evans and a surprising turn from David Schwimmer.

Suspicion   Sun   22/10   BBC2 @ 13:30

Onboard a train, a shy young well-off woman meets a charmer and it isn't long before she falls for him. But is he what he seems? Yet another romantic and yet twisting and turning cracker that will keep you guessing from the master of thrillers, Alfred Hitchcock. Joan Fontaine and Cary Grant are the leads and play off each other brilliantly. Grant with his usual charm and Fontaine who rightly deserved the awards she won for this role.

Pitch Perfect   Sun   22/10   E4 @ 21:00

A freshman student is inducted into an all-woman singing group and to her surprise begins to enjoy it and, finally, college life. A film I thought I'd hate but one I couldn't help but get sucked into. It's just so entertaining and a brace of likeable performances help immensely. Anna Kendrick, Brittany Snow and especially Rebel Wilson bring the fun. It's quirky, silly,  and feel good stuff.

St Vincent   Mon   23/10   Film4 @ 21:00

After an incident with his next door neighbour a grumpy old Vietnam vet begins to babysit her bullied son and soon they begin to see the best in each other. A fun, bittersweet comedy that will make you laugh and upset you in equal measures. Bill Murray in the lead is better than he has been in years and Melissa McCarthy as his neighbour is great in a role that's a lot more dramatic than her usual parts.

Singin' in the Rain   Tues   24/10   TCM @ 18:55

A film company that was built on silent movies tries to make the change to sound. Meanwhile its two biggest stars have a complicated relationship with each other. This is a glorious film, one to enjoy even if you aren't particularly in love with the musical genre. It's just an absolute gem. One to record for, yes, a rainy day. Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds and Donald O'Connor are just perfect as the leads.

A Dark Song   Wed   25/10   Film4 @ 23:15

Deep in the Welsh countryside a man and woman delve into the occult in search of something but these things usually have a nasty habit of turning bad. A full blooded horror film that drips with ominous creeping dread. Excellent writing and two great lead characters played by Steve Oram and Ireland's Catherine Walker all add to the fun. Director Liam Gavin is one to keep an eye on for the future.

Vertigo   Fri   27/10   More4 @ 10:00

An intense story of obsession sees a detective hired to investigate a woman whom he soon he becomes consumed with. A big statement but I think this is Alfred Hitchcock's masterpiece. Superbly acted by Kim Novak and James Stewart with assured direction from Hitchcock - it's full of complexity, twists and turns. 10am is an odd time for it though, this is a film for a dark evening with a glass of something strong.

Candyman   Fri   27/10   Film4 @ 23:15

The urban legends of Chicago are delved into by a graduate student doing research. She soon finds out that the sins of the past are haunting the present. A truly unsettling tale from the pen of Clive Barker and a rare film that will scare you even during its daytime scenes. Virginia Madsen is very effective in the lead and Tony Todd as the title character will give you the creeps big time. Record this and keep it for Halloween.

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