8 Films to Watch on Freeview TV This Week

Assault on Precinct 13   Sat   27/1   ITV4 @ 23:00

A group of cops and prisoners find themselves trapped in their remote police station by a gang of killers intent on murdering someone inside. This 2005 remake of the 1970s classic isn't as good as the original but makes up for it with a cracking cast and some crunchingly visceral action-packed set pieces. Ethan Hawke, Gabriel Byrne, Maria Bello and Laurence Fishburne all do fine work.

Snake Eyes   Sun   28/1   CH4 @ 00:20

During an Atlantic City boxing match a government minister is murdered and a colourful cop investigating it discovers all is far from what it seems. Brian De Palma takes a pretty hackneyed story and adds his own directorial flourishes to turn this into a very entertaining film. Check out the opening one shot scene, its a magnificent piece of work. Nicolas Cage is, as always, bonkers, with Carla Gugino and Gary Sinise as solid back up.

Harry Brown   Sun   28/1   ITV4 @ 22:30

Harry is an elderly ex-marine who lives on a housing estate that has been ruined by drug dealers. One night he suffers a loss and decides not to look the other way anymore. Michael Caine is completely convincing in this well-paced and gruelling thriller that might be too much for some. Emily Mortimer, Liam Cunningham and a terrifying looking Sean Harris all give good support.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer   Mon   29/1  Horror Channel @ 22:50

A young woman finds out her destiny is not to be a cheerleader after all but to protect the world from evil things that only come out at night. Nope, this isn't the fantastic TV show but the film that inspired it. Highly entertaining stuff that's a lot funnier than you'd expect it to be. Kristy Swanson is good as the first Buffy and Rutger Hauer and Paul Reubens make great baddies.

Equilibrium   Tues   30/1   Syfy @ 21:00

In a dystopian future where feelings and self expression are illegal, one person decides to make a fight back. Imagine if 1984 and The Matrix had a baby that grew up watching Bruce Lee films. This is what you'd get. An intelligent, philosophical sci-fi that's sprinkled with some brutally effective and very original action scenes. Christian Bale leads a fine cast that includes Sean Bean, Emily Watson and Taye Diggs.

A Walk in the Woods   Wed   31/1   Film4 @ 21:00

Two men decide to hike the Appalachian trail, all 2000 miles of wilderness. One is an ageing writer and the other is a walking heart attack. Comedy ensues. Robert Redford's adaptation of Bill Bryson's book of the same name is such a lovely film. If you like your comedy gentle but with a hint of a profanity then this is the film for you. Redford in the lead role is grand but Nick Nolte as his hiking partner, Katz, steals the show.

Win Win   Thurs   1/2   Ch4 @ 01:55

A solicitor who makes extra money as a wrestling coach finds the sins of his past coming back to haunt him when he comes into contact with a client's grandchild. This Tom McCarthy directed work is a lovely, humane, touching and painfully real film that for some reason is being shown at ridiculous o'clock. It's really worth recording. Paul Giamatti, Amy Ryan, Bobby Cannavale and Melanie Lynskey are all excellent.

Sorcerer   Fri   2/2   Film4 @ 22:45

The roads and jungles of South America are a dangerous place as a group of men hired to drive a highly unstable and explosive shipment are about to find out. William Friedkin's remake of 1953s The Wages of Fear is a masterpiece that has thankfully been rediscovered lately. A sickeningly tense and gripping thriller that will pin you to your chair. Roy Scheider in the lead role is on fire.

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