8 Films to Watch on Freeview TV This Week

The Hunger Games : Mockingjay Part 2   Sat   6/1   CH4 @ 21:00

The Hunger Games saga comes to an end as Katniss Everdeen leads her army of rebels against the capitol and the evil President Snow but as they proceed they find themselves in a whole new type of game. A thrilling and satisfying conclusion to an enjoyable series that's riddled with some superb action scenes and played out with characters you genuinely care about. Jennifer Lawrence is brilliant as Katniss and leads a superb cast.

The Resident   Sun   7/1   BBC1 @ 00:35

A young doctor moves into a building in Brooklyn and soon discovers all is not what it seems with her apartment or her handsome landlord. Hammer productions tentatively dipped their toe back into the horror world with this dark, effective and creepy thriller that even contains a cameo from one of their greatest stars, Christopher Lee. Hilary Swank as the doctor gives a performance that elevates the film from its TV movie origins.

Strictly Ballroom   Sun   7/1   BBC2 @ 23:25

A competitive dancer with an unorthodox style and his new partner set out to shake things up in the world of Australian ballroom dancing. Baz Luhrmann's comedy-drama sounds like silly fluff but it's actually a cracking watch. It's as tense and exciting in places as any thriller, and has a climax that would make a stone smile. Paul Mercurio and Tara Morice are great as the lead duo.

Cape Fear   Mon   8/1   TCM @ 21:00

Max Cady, a rapist and psychopath is released from jail and sets out to get revenge on the lawyer who sent him there; his family too. The original film is a far superior beast to the remake, it's more down to earth and the stricter standards in the 1960s force the film to be more creepy and scary than outright violent which works better. Robert Mitchum as Cady and Gregory Peck as Sam Bowden are both excellent.

Inside Man   Tues   9/1   ITV4 @ 22:00

When a so-called "perfect" bank robbery goes sideways, a cop, the robber and a power broker have to negotiate a way out of the problem to save lives. Spike Lee's twisting and turning thriller is an immensely entertaining way to spend a couple of hours. Nothing is what it seems and if you haven't seen it before you won't have a clue how it will all end. Denzel Washington, Jodie Foster and Clive Owen all hit the spot.

Antiviral   Thur   11/1   Horror Channel @ 00:40

In the near future a new obsession is deliberately infecting yourself with germs taken from celebrities in order to feel closer to them. An industry has built up around this and one employee wants to make more money for himself. An icky and disturbing film from Brandon Cronenberg - son of David - about the dangers of celebrity obsession and how far it can go. Underneath all the blood and goo this is smart stuff.

Gangs Of New York   Thur   11/1   ITV4 @ 23:40

Although never considered amongst Scorsese's best (as it's a bit choppy) this Leonardo DiCaprio-led tale of gang warfare in 19th century New York is still a blistering watch due to some ferocious scenes of battle and Daniel Day Lewis. Who acts out of his skin as Bill "The Butcher" Cutting; the man who ran the Five Points district of lower Manhattan. It's tough stuff but well worth it and it looks fantastic too - the budget is all on the screen.

Red Eye   Fri   12/1   More4 @ 21:00

Lisa is on her way to a funeral by plane when she finds herself sitting beside the charming and talkative Jackson. However, as these things tend to go, there's a lot more to Jackson than his ability to flirt . Wes Craven's thriller is a taut little film that moves like a race horse and always stays entertaining even when it strays into very silly territory near the end. Rachel McAdams is an effective heroine and Cillian Murphy as Jackson is a cracking baddie.

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