8 films on TV this week that are well worth watching

Tears Of The Sun   Sat   18/8   Dave @ 21.00

When civil war in Nigeria threatens a medical outpost, a group of Navy seals are sent in to save the missionaries working there but find themselves the saviours of a much larger group. Antoine Fuqua’s 2003 thriller is brutally violent and rather cliched in places but it’s a sobering look at conflicts that are mostly ignored in the western world. Bruce Wills, Eamonn Walker, Cole Hauser and Monica Belluci all do well.

The Missouri Breaks   Sun   19/8   ITV4 @ 23.00

A dark, strange and blackly comic western starring Jack Nicholson as a rustler who steals both the livestock and the daughter of a rancher and Marlon Brando as the regulator hired to kill him. Violent, funny and surreal with a seriously satisfying and bizarre turn from Marlon Brando as a character you will love to hate. Nicholson as always rocks. harry Dean Stanton & Frederic Forrest in support are reliable as always.

Maniac   Mon   20/8    The Horror Channel @ 22.45

Frank owns a mannequin shop. Frank’s a strange guy. Frank gets even stranger when a young artist asks for his help and dark desires come bubbling to the surface. Elijah Wood stars in remake of the infamous 1980 original and turns in a genuinely creepy performance in this unsettling, surreal and at times nauseating look at the madness bubbling around inside the minds of men.

Wish You Were Here   Tues   21/8   Film4 @ 00.50

A teenage girl in a 1950’s seaside town scandalises her family when she decides to act in a manner not befitting the era. An atmospheric and evocative portrayal of rebellion against suffocating social mores with great acting from Emily Lloyd and Tom Bell and a whole host of familiar faces in secondary roles. One of those films that rarely shows up on TV anymore so it’s worth catching.

A Hard Day’s Night   Wed   22/8   BBC2 @ 12.20

A day in the life of The Beatles as they travel from Merseyside to London and all the crazy & wacky adventures that happen in between. A funny, surreal and unique watch that helped introduce John, Paul, Ringo and George and their very English sense of humour to the world. Far more entertaining than the usual concert films you see and a brilliant snapshot of a particularly famous time in pop culture history

How Stella Got Her Groove Back   Thurs   23/8   Film4 @ 23.15

Stella Payne takes her work in San Francisco a bit too seriously and only realises this when she is talked into a luxury holiday in Jamaica. The always reliable Angela Bassett is super as the lead in this entertaining and funny slice of whimsy. Taye Diggs, Whoopi Goldberg and Regina King are good fun in support. You’ll want to jump on a plane to Jamaica when this is over.

On The Waterfront   Fri   24/8   BBC2 @ midday

An ex boxer (who could have been a contender) turned dockworker has had enough of the corruption he sees all all around him and decides it’s time to take a stand. A stunner of a film about doing what’s right and correct. Marlon Brando, Rod Steiger, Eva Marie Saint, Karl Malden and Lee J. Cobb all give career best performances. An all time great American classic and one that lives up to its hype.

The Fury   Fri   24/8   Film4 @ 23.15

When his son is kidnapped by terrorists intent on exploiting his psychic powers, a former CIA agent goes all out to get him back. Brian De Palma’s 1978 sci-fi/horror is a demented affair. A vicious but very entertaining watch that contains the best ever bad guy death scene. Even 40 years later it will still take your breath away. Kirk Douglas is in full on tough guy mode and gets good back up from Amy Irving and John Cassavetes.


Updated: Aug 18, 2018

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