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7 films worth watching on Freeview TV this week...

North By Northwest Sat 20/5 BBC2 @ 13:30


A man in the wrong place at the wrong time is mistaken for a government agent and goes on the run across America with a woman who helps him in his escape. Easily Alfred Hitchcock's most fun film, this is two hours of pure escapism and fun with Cary Grant at his most charming and likeable and Eva Marie Saint is great as a woman who may not be what she seems. Crackling chemistry between the leads make this a super watch.

Philomena Sat 20/5 BBC2 @ 21:00


A woman searching for her long lost son hires a journalist to help to her take on the might of the Catholic Church who forced her, as a teen, to give up her child. A heartbreaking true story about corruption and motherly love with an immense performance from Judi Dench in the title role. An upsetting, angry and poignant watch that still finds time for a touch of some much needed humour.

Time Bandits Sun 21/5 Film4 @ 14:50


A young boy finds himself on the adventure of a lifetime when he teams up with a group of time travellers on the run from their master. A brilliant piece of fantasy from the minds behind Monty Python and a perfect family film for a rainy day. A surreal and bizarre film in places but so so much fun. And the cast is mighty, a who's who of great English actors.

Judgement at Nuremberg Mon 22/5 TCM @ 15:00


An epic star-studded Hollywood take on the infamous Nuremberg trial of Nazi judges in the post-World War II years. Made in 1961 when the horrors of war were still fresh in people minds, this film showed people just how insidious and truly evil Naziism was. An utterly compelling courtroom drama that's long but never boring with an amazing cast including Burt Lancaster, Judy Garland, Spencer Tracy and Marlene Dietrich.

The Mist Tues 23/5 Syfy @ 21:00


Frank Darabont's fantastic adaptation of the Stephen King story of a mysterious fog that descends on a small American town. On the surface a monster movie but also a look at the horrors of religious extremism. Thomas Jane is solid in the lead but Marcia Gay Harden steals the film with a terrifying performance. A scary, thrilling and very effective film with an ending that.........well you need to see it for yourself.

The Terminator Wed 24/5 Spike @ 21:00


A robot from the future stalks a woman to kill her for reasons unknown. The synopsis of this film always sounds silly but it is one of the best action films nay films ever made. Its just perfect. Lean, not a second wasted, and a masterclass in tension, action and economical storytelling. Linda Hamilton is brilliant as Sarah Connor but Arnold Schwarzenegger owns the film. I'm so jealous of anyone who hasn't seen this.

>b>The Railway Man Fri 26/5 More4 @ 21:00


A man ruined by the torture he was put through in the Pacific theatre of World War II finds out the person responsible is still alive and he wants to face him one last time. A dark, grim film made watchable by a superb performance from the always reliable Colin Firth. An unusual film too in that it portrays the horrors of war intimately rather than on an epic scale as most war films do. Powerful stuff.

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