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7 films worth watching on Freeview TV for the week ahead

Jimi : All Is By My Side 1/4 BBC2 @ 21.45


A stylish and interesting biography of Jimi Hendrix set during his time in London as his career was just starting to take off and one that isn't afraid to show the nastier side of the man. Andre Benjamin ( The singer with Outkast ) plays Hendrix with aplomb and nails his look and voice perfectly. Parts of this were filmed in Dublin and Ruth Negga and Lawrence Kinlan show up in supporting roles too.

Hard Target 2/4 ITV @ 22.45


Criminals are hunting homeless men in New Orleans for sport and there's only one man who can stop them. JEAN CLAUDE VAN DAMME. And his awesome mullet. This was John Woo's first American film and its still his best one. Great cheesy fun, hilarious one liners, cracking fight scenes and some lovely Louisiana scenery. And did i mention the mullet. It's awesomeness cannot be over estimated.

The Barefoot Contessa 3/4 Film4 @ 11.00


A tale told in flashback about the rise and fall of a Hollywood starlet and the effect she has on the men who gave her career a start. Ava Gardner is luminous in the title role. Earthy, sexy and impossible to look away from. Humphrey Bogart & Edmond O'Brien play 2 of the men, Bogie is his usual stalwart honest self and O'Brien is a brilliantly slimy creep. A glorious looking film full of cracking dialogue.

Houseboat 4/4 TCM @ 18.45


A widower finds himself trying to look after his 3 kids gains an Italian nanny but she isn'y exactly who she makes herself out to be. Cary Grant & Sophia Loren lead this lovely little comedy drama. Grant is his usual charming funny, suave, self effacing self and Sophia Loren takes a role that could be corny and makes it into something special. Great fun, record and keep it for a day when you need to cheer yourself up.

Slumdog Millionaire 5/4 More4 @ 21.00


A teenage boy from Mumbai looks back on his life after he finds himself in a precarious position after he appears on a famous television show. A stunning film that gives us a fantastic insight into life in one of the most densely populated places on earth. It's a film that's hard to watch at times but it's so worth sticking with. It's also Dev Patel's 1st film role and he just nails it.

Never Been Kissed 6/4 Film4 @ 18.45


A geeky journalist excitedly goes back to high-school to do an undercover story and finds herself with a chance to re-do her teenage years but bad memories of the past resurface. One of the many many teenage films released in the late 90's and one of the best of the lot ( the best is 10 Things I Hate About You). Definitely the sweetest anyway. Drew Barrymore is just captivating in this lovely, cringe making, sad and funny film.

Blade 7/4 Dave @ 22.00


The film that arguably started off the whole current vogue for comic book films and still one of the most entertaining. Wesley Snipes is perfect as Blade, a half human half vampire hero who protects people from the vampire underworld. A different take on vampire tales, this is great fun, chugs along like a race car, is very funny in places and breathtakingly nasty in others. A perfect Friday film to watch with beer and pizza.image

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