7 Films to Watch on Freeview TV This week

Cujo   Sat   7/7   Horror Channel @ 21:00

A rabid St. Bernard dog is terrorising a small Maine town during a heatwave and Donna (Dee Wallace) and her child find themselves trapped and must fight back to survive. One of the better adaptations of a Stephen King novel, this is horror on a low key and intimate scale, which is gripping and gruelling stuff that favours tension over gore. Dee Wallace as Donna is a fine lead and sells the story well.

McCabe and Mrs Miller   Sun   8/7   TCM @ 23:25

At the start of the 20th century, a gambler named McCabe (Warren Beatty) turns up in a mining town and creates a prosperous business with a saloon madam named Mrs Miller (Julie Christie). All goes well until the town's success attracts the attention of big business. Robert Altman's 1972 revisionist western is one of the best; a sedate, beautiful and intensely atmospheric film with excellent performances from Christie and Beatty.

Mud   Mon   9/7   Film4 @ 18:15

Two young boys, Ellis (Tye Sheridan) and Neckbone (Jacob Lofland) eking out a tough existence in Arkansas go exploring one day and come across a man named Mud (Matthew McConaughey) on the run and of course they decide to help him out. Jeff Nichols' film is a dreamy and beautiful looking coming-of age-story. Amazing cast in this too, Tye Sheridan is excellent but the movie belongs to McConaughey in a career best role.

The Quick and the Dead   Tues   10/7   Alibi @ 21:00

The frontier town of Redemption is hosting a duelling contest and a gunfighter called The Lady (Sharon Stone) wants to take part - she also has a bone to pick with the town's sheriff, Herod (Gene Hackman). This is Director Sam Raimi's one and only foray into the western genre and it is as bonkers as you can imagine. Hilarious, brutal and always interesting with Stone heading up a fantastic cast that includes Hackman, Russell Crowe, Leonardo DiCaprio and a host of well known genre faces.

Goon   Wed   11/7   CH4 @ 00:55

Doug is a frustrated but friendly fella who is lethal with his fists and when he ends up playing ice hockey, he finally has somewhere to direct his aggression. A funny comedy that manages to be very sweet despite its brutal violence on the ice - it's a bizarre concoction that works. Seann William Scott is perfect in the lead role and gets excellent back up from Alison Pill and Liev Schreiber.

Gallipoli   Thurs   12/7   Film4 @ 18:45

Frank Dunne (Mel Gibson) and Archy Hamilton (Mark Lee), two young Australian men find themselves having to grow up quickly when they enlist during World War I, and end up fighting on the battlefields of Gallipoli. Peter Weir's film  is one of the finest anti-war films ever made, a devastating portrayal of loss of innocence and the absolute futility of war. Gibson and Lee nail the emotional journey certain death beautifully.

The Last Boy Scout   Fri   13/7   ITV @ 22:45

Joe Hallenbeck (Bruce Willis) is an alcoholic private eye whose wife, Sarah (Chelsea Field) and daughter, Darian (Danielle Harris) are continually disappointed by him, and his actions. Joe generally hates life until he finds himself partnered with Jimmy Dix (Damon Wayans) and drawn into a conspiracy involving blackmail, car bombs and American football. Tony Scott's 1991 thriller might be a little dated now but it's still a brilliantly entertaining action comedy.

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