7 Films to Watch on Freeview TV This Week

Everly   Sat   14/10   Film4 @ 23:20

After she gets on the wrong side of a criminal boss, a kidnapped woman faces down wave after wave of assassins who come for her in her apartment. Salma Hayek is in fine form as the lead of this action film that is nasty, funny, relentless and inventive. The entire film is set in one location but it never ever gets boring. Be warned. Parts of this may disturb some.

The World's Fastest Indian   Sun   15/10   BBC2 @ 13:00

In 1967 a New Zealand man set out to break a speed record using his old motorbike. This film is all about the effort, time and money he put into realising his dream and also the people he meets on his journey. Anthony Hopkins plays Burt Munro in an immensely likeable film about never giving up on your dreams no matter what life throws at you. A perfect film for a rainy Sunday afternoon.

Leave to Remain   Sun   15/10   BBC2 @ 23:20

Three teenage asylum seekers, Omar, Abdul and Zizidi, enter the UK to start their new life but soon find themselves caught up in the nightmare that is the UK Home Office. A grim, challenging and upsetting look at a process that should make life better for people but one that often fails them. A film that avoids cliché which is always good. The cast of unknown actors all do a fine job.

Eden Lake   Mon   16/10   The Horror Channel @ 22:50

Whilst on a romantic weekend away a couple find themselves getting hassle from a pack of teenagers and instead of backing down, challenge them only for things go terribly wrong. Michael Fassbender and Kelly Reilly are very good in a disturbing and terrifying tale of everyday horror. The sort of film that would have you on edge every time you see a young lad in a hoodie. A baby-faced Jack O'Connell plays a ruthless bastard with scary ease also.

3.10 to Yuma   Tues   17/10   Film4 @ 14:25

A struggling rancher accepts the job of getting a wanted criminal to a train on time but the criminal's gang has other ideas. The original and best version of the tale, this 1957 film is a far more down to earth and believable tale than the remake and has a better cast too. Glenn Ford as Ben Wade makes for a great anti-hero and Van Heflin as Dan once again shows how good he was at playing salt of the earth characters. A true western classic.

The Big Red One   Wed   18/10   TCM @ 23:10

The story of a Sergeant and his squad as they fight in Africa and Europe during the second half of World War II. Samuel Fuller's take on war is one of the best. A frightening, funny (in places), intense and, at times, surreal look at battle and the lasting effects it has on a person's psyche. The cast is superb: Lee Marvin, Robert Carradine and Mark Hamill amongst others are all at the top of their game here.

The Hills Have Eyes   Fri   20/10   Horror Channel @ 22:45

A family take a shortcut across the desert and soon find themselves fighting for their lives in the middle of an old nuclear testing ground. A rare remake that outshines the original and a blisteringly violent watch that will test anyone with a nervous disposition. Alexandre Aja directs with panache and a solid cast including Ted Levine, Emilie De Ravin and Aaron Stanford inject a nice believability into proceedings.

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