7 Films to Watch on Freeview TV This Week

Veteran   Sat   31/3   Film4 @ 23:10

Jo Tae-oh is a scumbag. A rich scumbag who is able to use his family's wealth and influence to buy his way out of whatever dodgy business he gets involved in. One detective. however, has had enough of him. This is a very entertaining film and a cracking entry point for anyone interested in delving into Korean cinema. Starring Hwang Jung-min who is one of the most famous South Korean actors and whose filmography is well worth checking out if you can.

Selma   Sun   1/4   BBC2 @ 23:00

A look at three months in the life of Dr. King as he tried to secure equal voting rights for African Americans in 1965. A tough, upsetting and in some places uplifting look at a period of American history that people do their best to ignore these days. Directed by Ava DuVernay and carried by a superlative performance from David Oyelowo as King, this a history lesson that everyone should watch.

The Assassination of Jesse James By the Coward Robert Ford   Sun   1/4   ITV4 @ 23:25

The well known and oft told story of the James gang - only this time told from the perspective of Robert Ford, a young wannabe outlaw - through Andrew Dominik's precise direction and the now Oscar-winning lens of Roger Deakins. This is a deep, complex and contemplative western with a deliberate pace that could be off putting to some but the acting, especially from Brad Pitt is immense. In fact the entire cast is excellent and the score from Nick Cave is one that you will download when the film is over.

Dog Soldiers   Mon   2/4  Horror Channel @ 21:00

A group of soldiers on routine training in the Scottish highlands find themselves under siege from a pack of beasts that should not exist. Neil Marshall's debut film is a joy; hilarious, horrific, high quotable fun. A rare horror comedy that gets the blend just right. All this and we get a wicked cast too including Sean Pertwee, Kevin McKidd, Liam Cunningham and Darren Morfitt who's great as Spoon.

Kiki's Delivery Service   Tues   3/4   Film4 @ 12:50

There's always time for a bit of Studio Ghibli Animation. A young witch leaves home for a year and to earn a living opens up a delivery service using her magic broom. Yes, it sounds silly but it's a fantastically charming and layered little film that offers something to younger and older viewers. Hopefully Film4 are showing the original Japanese language version which is far superior to the dubbed version.

Three Godfathers   Wed   4/4   TCM @ 12:50

Three cattle rustlers on the run across a desert come across a pregnant woman who dies during childbirth. They decide to bring her child to safety. This 1948 John Ford film is a Western spin on the tale of the Three Wise Men and a very satisfying one at that. John Wayne as  Robert Marmaduke Sangster Hightower (what a name ) gives his usual entertaining performance that suits this heartwarming watch perfectly.

13 Assassins   Fri   5/4   Film4 @ 01:20

In 19th century Japan a group of Samurai come together to seek revenge on an evil feudal lord. Directed by Takashi Miike this is a thrilling film that eschews his usual perversity and replaces it with something resembling... actually, no it's still brutal but it's a far easier watch than most of his movies. A beautiful looking and well acted ballet of bloody carnage.

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