7 Film to Watch on Freeview TV this week

Young Frankenstein   Sat   17/2   BBC2 @ 23:00

The grandson of an infamous scientist inherits his castle and goes to Transylvania to find out for himself what type of experiments his relative took part in. Mel Brook's parody of 1930s horror films is a masterpiece of comedy, both affectionate of its source material and willing to parody - it's hilarious fun. Gene Wilder, Madeleine Kahn, Peter Boyle, Cloris Leachman and Marty Feldman are all at the top of their game here.

Zero Dark Thirty   Sun   18/2   Film4 @ 23:10

Kathryn Bigelow's tremendous tale of the hunt and eventual take down of Osama Bin Laden. Jessica Chastain is perfect in the lead role as the woman who planned and executed the entire operation. We may find some of her methods problematic but the story neither glorifies or condemns and just tells it like it was. A tense and superbly acted film which will grip you even when you know the ending.

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner   Mon   19/2   BBC2 @ 00:05

A woman brings her new fiancé home to meet her parents. He's black and they are very old fashioned, suffice to say things don't go well. This classic comedy drama might seem dated but some of its themes still, sadly, strike a chord. Sidney Poitier is excellent as always but Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracey as the parents are brilliant. Tracey especially given the fact he was dying as the film was being made.

Brazil   Mon   19/2   UK Gold @ 23:45

Sam is an office worker in a bizarrely dystopian future. When he tries to fix an administrative error concerning a wrongful arrest he brings his world crashing down on his head. Terry Gilliam's sci-fi fantasy is a film that will demand your complete attention but it's really worth it. This is one of the most unusual and surreal films you'll ever see. Jonathan Pryce, as Sam, is fantastic and the supporting cast is packed full of famous British faces.

Society   Wed   21/2  Horror Channel @ 00:45

Bill is a teenager from a rich family in Beverly Hills. He has it all, he's popular and he has a lovely family and yet he feels out of place, one night he finds out why. This is a film worth going into cold, it contains one of the all time great "what the fu..." scenes and if you can stomach the onscreen action you'll have a great time. Seriously though, don't watch this unless you have a strong constitution. Billy Warlock in the lead gets the job done.

The Bank Job   Thurs   22/2   ITV4 @ 22:00

Jason Statham. As Terry Leather. In a polo neck. In the 1960s. Bank Robberies. Cups of tea. Royal porn. Toyah from Coronation Street. More cups of tea. Ham radio. A fun and tense thriller about a bank robbery in swinging 60s London, a different type of Jason Statham film but well worth a watch. Did I mention he's called Terry Leather?

Danger Diabolik   Fri   23/2   Film4 @ 23:20

From the creative genius of Mario Bava, comes this wacky, psychedelic and very entertaining tale of mystery and espionage about a jewel thief planning a heist while avoiding cops and gangsters. Very much a film of it's time (1968) but brilliantly camp, kitschy, garish fun none the less. John Phillip Law has a good time in the lead role.

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