4 Jess Franco titles in August

Anchor Bay UK have announced the Region 2 DVD release of four titles as part of their Official Jess Franco Collection for 22nd August 2005. Priced at £14.99 each are...

Sadisterotica and Kiss Me Monster - In the late 1960s, the undisputed master of art-house sexploitation Jess Franco made an indelible mark on the spy movie spoof genre with two movies featuring the exploits of a duo of super-sexy sleuths, Diana and Regina, aka The Red Lips.

Janine Reynaud (Succubus) and Rosanna Yanni (Fangs of the Living Dead) respectively star as Diana and Regina, a wisecracking pair of spies who are more than willing to employ their striptease skills and exploit their considerable charms when it comes to cracking a case.

Features on both discs include trailers, Jess Franco biography, optional 5.1 Surround and DTS, English subtitles for the hard of hearing and scene selection.

Succubus stars Janine Reynaud (Kiss Me Monster; Sadisterotica) as Lorna Green a beautiful erotic cabaret dancer at one of Lisbon's most fashionable nightclubs and the most recent discovery of stage producer William Mulligan (Jack Taylor). Her nightly cabaret act revolves around the sensuous S&M torture of her co-stars and usually concludes with a simulated murder. The show is an enormous success but seems to be taking its toll on Lorna's mental state. As she becomes more and more influenced by the character she plays, Lorna slowly begins to lose contact with reality as she becomes more and more lost in a surreal schizophrenic fantasy. Past and present, time and space, and Lorna's own sense of identity begin to blur. With more that just a business interest in his star, Mulligan attempts to help Lorna by searching for the cause of her strange behaviour, little knowing that his quest will lead him deep into a nightmare from which he may never escape.

Features include trailer, Dolby Stereo 2.0 plus optional 5.1 Surround and DTS audio, scene selection.

Sadomania - One of director Jess Franco's several entries (along with "Barbed Wire Dolls" and "Love Camp" to name just two) in the "caged women" genre, SADOMANIA is, perhaps, one of the most controversial and notorious films ever made by the master of superlative art-house sexploitation cinema. Previously banned in 1994 by the BBFC Anchor Bay are releasing this lost classc in its original theatrical aspect ration (1.66:1), the film comes complete with an all-new featurette including an exclusive, no-holds barred interview with the director.

Features include Sadomania featurette (including interview with director Jess Franco), English trailer, Spanish trailer, Jess Franco biography, Ajita Wilson biography, stills gallery, original Dolby 2.0 mono plus optional 5.1 Surround and DTS audio, English subtitles for the hard of hearing and scene selection.

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