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Entertainment in Video have announced the UK Blu-ray Disc release of 4 catalogue titles on 28th September 2009. Priced at £14.99 RRP each is: Freddy Vs. Jason, Friday (Director’s Cut), Menace II Society (Director’s Cut) and The New World (Extended Cut).

The new director’s cut versions of Friday, Menace II Society and the Extended Cut of The New World are also released on UK DVD for the first time priced at £10.99 RRP each.

Extras are listed below…

Freddy Vs. Jason

  • Commentaries
  • Featurette gallery covering: The Film’s Development, Art Direction, Make-up Effects, Stunt Work and More…..
  • Music video: ‘How Can I Live’ by III Nino
  • Additional Footage: Deleted and Alternate Scenes
  • Trailer and TV spots
  • Extras: Pre-flight Press Conference

  • Introduction by Ice Cube
  • Friday Straight Up
  • Interviews with director F. Gary Gray and producer Patricia Charbonnet
  • Music videos – ‘Friday’ by Ice Cube and ‘Keep Their Heads Ringin’ by Dr Dre
  • Deleted scenes

Menace II Society
  • Commentary by Allen Hughes, Albert Hughes, Darin Scott, Ryan Williams, Tyger Williams and Larenz Tate
  • Gangsta Vision : Making Menace II Society (New Featurette)
  • Interview with the Hughes Brothers
  • Theatrical Trailer

The New World
  • Behind The Story – Making ‘The New World’. Comprehensive 10-part documentary (Blu-ray only)
  • Theatrical trailer (Blu-ray only)

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