4 Catalogue titles from SPHE in May

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment have announced the Region 1 DVD release of 4 catalogue titles for 31st May 2005. Priced at $19.94 SRP each are…

Banjo Hackett - Roamin' Free - A horse trader rescues his 9-year-old nephew from a grim life in an orphanage. He takes him along on his travels around the west in the 1880's.

- Fullscreen Presentation
- Languages: English , Japanese
- Subtitles: English, Japanese

Diamond Head - Charlton Heston is the ruthless head of an agricultural dynasty in this torrid tale of passion and prejudice set in steamy Hawaii.

-2.35:1 Anamorphic Widescreen
-Lanuages: English
-Subtitles: English, French, Japanese

Gun Fury - A rough and tumble tale of a psychotic gunman and the hero determined to stop him. Stars Rock Hudson and Donna Reed.

- Fullscreen Presentation
- Languages: English
- Subtitles: English, Japanese, Spanish

Texas Cyclone - A cowboy (Tim McCoy) rides into a strange town called Stampede and is mistaken for a rancher who disappeared five years before, and who is thought dead. A head wound restores his memory and proves him to be the missing rancher.

- Fullscreen Presentation
- Language: English
- Subtitles: English, Japanese, Spanish

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