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Shameless Screen Entertainment have announced the UK DVD release of three titles due between October and November. Priced at £12.99 RRP each is Strip Nude For Your Killer on 27th October, The Designated Victim on 3rd November and Oasis of Fear on 24th November.

Strip Nude For Your Killer - The death of a fashion model leads to a revenge-driven trail of death that soon has the modelling agency she worked for in a frenzy of panic as the clothes get slashed and the sluts get slayed. In the middle of this kink-fest is the dependably beautiful Edwige Fenech doing all she can to avoid being the next to shed her clothes for a killer who likes their victims easy on the eye and stripped for the kill.

The Designated Victim is a remake of Hitchcock's Strangers on a Train from director Maurizio Lucidi. Stefano (Thomas Milian) needs to sort out his troublesome wife who is seriously cramping his future plans. A chance meeting with a wealthy Count Matteo (Pierre Clemente) leads to an extraordinary plan where both will do each other a murderous favour to free them from the people who ail them. The problem is Stefano treats this as a joke whilst Matteo is deadly serious and what he does drives Stefano to the edge of sanity in a gripping race against time!

Oasis of Fear - Also known as ‘Dirty Pictures', Oasis of Fear is a sexploitation thriller from Umberto Lenzi (Paranoia, Cannibal Ferox, Nightmare City). In the film two young sexually free hippies, Dick (Ray Lovelock) and Ingrid (Ornella Muti) finance their travels by selling naked snaps of Ingrid until their plan is brought to an abrupt end by the Police. Forced on the run the two seek refuge at a seemingly empty isolated large villa. As it turns out the house is inhabited by the middle-aged Barbara (Irene Papas) who invites them in for some potential three-way hanky-panky that soon locks them into something far more twisted and chilling!

All three are presented remastered in 2.35:1 with English 2.0 sound. Also included on each disc is a Shameless original trailer gallery.

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