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Infinity Arthouse have announced the UK DVD release of Federico Fellini’s Orchestra Rehearsal and the award-winning Australian drama We of the Never Never for 10th July 2006. Priced at £19.99 each details follow…

Orchestra Rehearsal - In this sly social and political allegory, an orchestra assembles for a rehearsal under the inquisitive lenses of a TV crew. With their bullish union officials lingering on the sidelines, the musicians introduce themselves one by one, expounding with wit, passion and rancour about the characteristics of their instruments. The rehearsal begins under the baton of an autocratic conductor, and soon the musicians’ bawdy humour turns to anarchy as he tries to impose his will on this diverse group of players.

Released as a two-disc set features include:

  • Fellini’s Autobiography
  • Fellininiana Part 2: 10th Anniversary Of The Death Of Fellini
  • La Felliniana - Frederico In The City (Frederico In Citta)
  • La Felliniana - Powder Of Rimini (Polvere Di Rimini)
  • La Felliniana - That Train To Rome (Quel Treno Per Roma)
  • La Felliniana - Target The Director (Tirate Sul Regista)
  • La Felliniana - The Line Of The Shadow (La Linea D'ombra)

We of the Never Never - Graced by glorious cinematography and an emotionally charged music score, the 1982 movie tells the remarkable true story of one woman’s fight to overcome sexual and racial prejudice amid the harsh beauties of the Australian Outback. Made during the ‘Golden Age’ of Australian cinema, which produced landmark movies such as My Brilliant Career, The Getting of Wisdom and Mad Max, this is a superlative adaptation of a well-loved Australian period classic.

The story is set a century ago. Jeannie Gunn leaves her genteel Melbourne existence for a new life on her husband’s isolated cattle station. Rolling up her sleeves and mucking in, Jeannie soon wins over the misogynistic stockmen. But she faces a much tougher challenge in trying to change their racist treatment of the indigenous Aboriginal population.

Directed by Igor Auzins the film was nominated for five Australian Film Institute Awards (including Best Film) and won for Best Cinematography (Gary Hansen).

There are no announced extras.

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