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2 films by Satyajit Ray in September

Mr. Bongo Films have announced the UK DVD release of two films by Satyajit Ray on 21st September 2009. Priced at £12.99 RRP each is Goddess (Devi) and Two Daughters (Teen Kanya). There are no extras.

In Goddess (Devi), Doyamoyee is left alone with her husband's ageing father-in-law, a devoted follower of the goddess Kali. One evening, the aging widower she cares for has a dream that she is an avatar of Kali, and must be worshipped. Word spreads, and others come to believe that she is an incarnation of the deity. Hearing this alarming news, her husband, Umprasad, returns only to find Doyamoyee herself beginning to believe that she is an avatar; a belief which soon turns to tragedy.

Two Daughters (Teen Kanya) tells two tales. The first is about Nanda, a young man who leaves Calcutta to work as a postmaster in an isolated, malaria-infested village. His only solace in the village is in teaching his host, Ratan, how to read and write. The second story is about a student, Amulya, who returns to his village after finishing his exams. His widowed mother is very anxious for him to marry, and has already picked out a girl. Yet he rejects his mother's choice and, being forced to choose some girl, marries a lively tomboy who is not ready to give up her freedom.

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