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2 Entertain in September

Here is a look at 2 Entertain's September schedule...

7th September 2009

Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle - £19.56 RRP - Stewart Lee's Comedy Vehicle features six episodes where Stewart explores a different theme in a stand-up routine, illustrated with sketches.

Extras: Behind-the-scenes.

Paul Merton In India - Having conquered China, comedian Paul Merton set his sights on India, an astonishingly diverse country of one billion people.

Chinese Cookery Made Easy - £17.61 RRP - Ching-He Huang is the brightest star in modern Chinese cookery – she’s a great enthusiast and ambassador for contemporary Chinese food.

Louis Theroux Law & Disorder - £19.56 RRP - BAFTA Award winning journalist and film maker Louis Theroux introduces us to the world’s most interesting, diverse and shocking group of people in a new collection of fascinating documentaries, Louis Theroux Law and Disorder. This three-disc set includes Philadelphia, Johannesburg, A Place for Paedophiles and Crystal Meth.

Joanna Lumley In The Land of The Northern Lights - £15.65 RRP - Joanna Lumley pursues a life-long dream to track down the elusive and beautiful Northern Lights.

The Thirties in Colour - £15.65 RRP - Offering a powerful, poignant and often very surprising insight into the pivotal years of the 1930s, this BBC series unlocks a treasure trove of rare colour films and photographs.

EXTRAS: Accompanying booklet written by David Okuefuna the Executive Producer.

The Wonderful World of Albert Khan - £29.35 RRP - This ten part documentary series looks at the incredible collection of early colour photographs from the Albert Kahn museum.

EXTRAS: Photo Gallery, DVD Booklet written by executive producer David Okuefuna including pictures from the series.

Doctor Who Twin Dilemma - Details here.

Are You Being Served Series 8 - £15.65 RRP - Famed for the phrase “I’m free” Series 8 brings more fun and frolics with the Grace Brother’s staff. Mr. Humphries, Mrs. Slocombe, Miss Brahms, Captain Peacock, Mr Rumbold and newcomers Mr Berry and Mr Grossman provide more mischief and hilarity.

Face to Face Box Set - £58.71 RRP – Delayed from August- Face to Face was a landmark BBC Television series broadcast between 1959-1962, in which John Freeman, former politician and former editor of The New Statesman, asked straight forward and often searching questions to intellectually heavyweight personalities of the day. To mark the 50th Anniversary of this groundbreaking series, all 35 episodes are released on DVD for the first time.

EXTRAS: DVD Booklet written by producer, Hugh Burnett, and an interview with John Freeman.

14th September 2009

Two Pints of Lager and A Packet of Crisps Series 8 - £19.56 RRP - For the five now-familiar twenty-somethings living in a northern town, life gets no less complicated in the eighth series of this sitcom.

EXTRAS: Comic Relief Special, Alternative Ending.

That Sinking Feeling - Details TBC.

Massive - £19.56 RRP - Starring Ralf Little, Carl Rice and Johnny Vegas, Massive follows Danny and Shay as they call time on their dreary temping jobs to follow their dream and bring their music obsession to the masses.

21st September 2009

Doctor Who The Keys of Marinus - Details here.

Desperate Romantics - Rebellious, talented and charismatic, three young men – The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood – are on a mission to change the world of art. This lively BBC drama, written by Peter Bowker, is all about the personal life and work of the Brotherhood.

Extras: Behind-the-scenes.

28th September 2009

The Two Ronnies Series 6 - £19.56 RRP - With contributions by some amazing calibre writers such as Spike Milligan, David Renwick and the Monty Python boys, this sixth series contains some of the duo’s best sketches and songs.

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