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13: Game of Death (R2) in August

Revolver Entertainment have announced the UK Region 2 DVD release of 13: Game of Death on 24th August 2009 priced at £12.99 RRP. Adapted by award winning writer Eakasit Thairaat from his own comic book story "13th Quiz Show", along with the film's director Chookiat Sakveerakul (The Love Of Siam; Evil), 13: Game of Death stars Thai-American pop singer, dancer and actor Krissada Sukosol (Bangkok Loco), Sarunyoo Wongkrachang (Ong Bak 2) and Nathapong Arunnetra (The Love Of Siam).

Features are TBC.

Synopsis: Mild-mannered salesman Phuchit (Sukosol) is a man at his wit's end. Having lost both his job and his car on the same day he is then obliged to give the last of his money to his mother, leaving him on the verge of destitution. That is until he receives a mysterious phone call offering him the chance of winning 100 million baht on an internet game show. All he has to do to hit the jackpot is complete 13 tasks, in order, without revealing his participation in the game to anyone around him. At each stage he will receive an interim cash payment directly into his bank account. However, should he fail to complete any given task, he will lose all the money he has earned up to that stage thereby making his considerable efforts to reach that point worthless.

Initially sceptical, he completes the first challenge – to kill a fly – and finds the first payment has been made into his bank account. The second challenge – to eat the fly – and its cash reward confirms that the game is real. But as the challenges become greater and more grotesque, both morally and physically (subsequent tasks include such things as having to deliberately make a group of young children cry and much, much worse), Phuchit must decide whether he should quit and lose everything or face up to the fact that he has reached a point at which there is no turning back.

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