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'12 Years a Slave' Ridley regrets not thanking McQueen

12 years a Slave screenwriter John Ridley has shed light on the Steve McQueen snub at the 2014 Academy Awards, explaining that he thanked the director 'the day before'.

It has been reported that Ridley and McQueen are not on the best of terms due to disagreements over the screenwriting credits of the slavery epic, which went on to win Best Picture Academy Award, and Ridley not thanking McQueen in his acceptance speech seems to have added fuel to the fire.

However, Ridley has now explained that him not including the director was an "omission, rather than a diss." Ridley reportedly regrets not thanking McQueen, blaming the heat of the moment, but still credits him for 'changing his life'.

Source: The Wrap

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