New details on Star Trek Into Darkness emerge

But, how much can we really believe?

J J Abrams knows how to keep us guessing, so it’s with quite a large pinch of salt that we report that Benedict Cumberbatch’s villain is no other than John Harrison – you know the… actually who? We’re not so sure that this reveal is anything of the sort and we’re not going to know who he really is until the film appears in cinemas next year. Our money isn’t on Khan, but Gary Mitchell, who featured in the second pilot of the original show back in the sixties. It could still be that he IS playing an entirely new character though, and doesn’t the voice over on the trailer sound a lot like Patrick Stewart?

We DO know who Alice Eve will be playing – and she is someone who is deeply ingrained into Trek lore. She’ll be taking on the role of Carol Marcus, who was introduced in the second original Star Trek film as an old flame of Kirk’s and the mother of his son David.

Finally we have this new shot that comes hot on the heals of the recent trailer…

Colin Polonowski

Updated: Dec 11, 2012

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