Jurassic Four grabs indie playmaker Colin Trevorrow

Safety certainly not guaranteed…

Sink your teeth into this story. Back in 2011, when Spielberg announced to his adoring fans that the fourth Jurassic Park film would hit cinemas in 2014, we punched the air in a celebratory unison.

A franchise that has swept in near $2 billion dollars since it’s birth in 1993, will return, this time with a relatively unknown auteur at its helm. Fans of the indie-world will recognize the name Colin Trevorrow, those who saw his pleasantly comedic “Safety Not Guaranteed”, back in 2012, will attest to his technical prowess with making small-budgeted comedies, but little is known of his abilities with a potential multi-million dollar project.

A film which has been in development hell ever since its predecessor racked in an impressive $400 million worldwide gross, numerous re-writes have stalled its progress; with word of a complete reboot to a reimagining, it’s left dino-fans sharpening their cine-claws at the prospect of some new fresh material.

Finally, it would seem, Spielberg and Universal Studios have come to a agreement on a director, and with a script scribed by “Rise of The Planet of The Apes” husband-and-wife duo Amanda Silver and Rick Jaffa, it surely won’t be one to miss.

Spielberg, however, won’t take a back seat for this thankfully. He’s signed as an executive producer; as has well-known Jurassic lover Frank Marshall. With these men at his side, it should be a walk in the park for Trevorrow, still be interesting if he can emulate a imagining as critically and commercially successful as Rupert Wyatts Apes reboot, though.

Expect some T-Rex fun to hit screens on June 13, 2014; for those with a misanthropic heart you can return to the original, which has had a 3D conversion, at the end of August.

Elliot Foster

Updated: Mar 17, 2013

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