If you can’t afford to donate to the Black Lives Matter movement here’s a solution

Money is tight for everyone at the moment, with millions of people either getting by on furlough money, or if they do not qualify, finding other ways to raise much needed cash. But if you are unable to offer any money, but want to donate to the Black Lives Matter movement, there is something you can do without having to contribute any cash at all.

Click on this link to watch Views For a Vision, a video created by YouTuber Zoe Amira to help raise much needed funds for those putting their lives on the line out in the streets across America.

Adverts are embedded throughout the 56-minute run time that will help generate revenue to raise bail funds that can help Black Lives Matter protesters. The video is a series of smaller features made by Black creatives from a variety of art disciplines. If you prefer, you can just let it play in the background to increase the numbers. At the moment, the video has over 5.4 million views, but more are needed. If you want to do your bit and are not able to leave your home, this offers the perfect opportunity.

The video asks that you temporarily disable ad blockers on your browser, avoid skipping the ads and if you choose to repeat the video, to do so from the playlist, or click away before returning to the page to hit play.

100% of the revenue produced will be donated to the list of organisations below, with distribution depending on need at the time of donation:

  • Brooklyn Bail Fund
  • Minnesota Freedom Fund
  • Atlanta Action Network
  • Columbus Freedom Fund
  • Louisville Community Bail Fund
  • Chicago Bond
  • Black Visions Collective
  • Richmond Community Bail Fund
  • The Bail Project Inc
  • NW Com Bail Fund
  • Philadelphia Bail Fund
  • The Korchinski-Paquet Family Gofundme
  • George Floyd’s Family Gofundme
  • BlackLivesMatter.com
  • Reclaim the Block
  • ACLU
Steven Sheehan

Updated: Jun 03, 2020

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