The Swing of Things coming to VOD in July

Luke Wilson stars in the upcoming The Swing of Things which is going to be released on VOD on 6th July.

The Swing of Things follows the journey of Tom (Luke Wilson) and Laura Jane (Olivia Culpo) for their destination wedding in the Bahamas, which is soon diverted with the bad weather. So, with friends, parents, and Laura’s protective big brother in tow, they land at a mystery hotel in Jamaica—which turns out to be a swingers’ resort! Can the innocent couple avoid the nonstop booze, weed, naked bodies, and lusty dolphins long enough to make it to the altar?

The film is directed by Matt Shapira (Disappearance ), written by Christopher Hewitson (Seven Stages to Achieving Eternal Bliss), Clayton Hewitson (Finding Huey), Justin Jones (Seven Stages to Achieving Eternal Bliss), Patrick McErlean (The Boy) and Scotty Mullen (Black Summer) and produced by Luke Daniels (Under The Silver Lake).

Colin Polonowski

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

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