StudioCanal to release ’60s sexual revolution classic The Family Way on DVD, Blu-Ray and digital download

The 1966 UK classic gets a new restoration this May

StudioCanal are to release a new restoration of the classic sixties romantic comedy The Family Way as part of its Vintage Classics Collection complete with new bonus content. For the 2020 restoration of The Family Way, StudioCanal went back to the original camera negative where possible and alternative sources where severe damage that could not be repaired was encountered. These elements were scanned at 4K resolution in 10bit and then restored in 4k.

Based on Bill Naughton’s warm-hearted play ‘All In Good Time’, and directed by the Boulting brothers – Roy and John – the film explores the emotional impact of the Sixties sexual revolution focusing on two sensitive youngsters whose failure to consummate their marriage threatens to derail their life together before it has even begun. Featuring an original soundtrack by Paul McCartney (with George Martin) The Family Way stars Hayley Mills and Hywel Bennett with John Mills, Marjorie Rhodes, Avril Angers, John Comer, Wilfred Pickles, Liz Fraser, Murray Head and Barry Foster. The film will be available for Digital Download (Amazon, iTunes, Google, Sky), on DVD, and for the first time on Blu-ray from May 4.

Following the ceremony and a rowdy reception in the local pub Jenny Piper (Hayley Mills) and Arthur Fitton (Hywel Bennett) return to the Fitton home to spend their first night together only to find that Arthur’s father Ezra (John Mills) has returned with the drunken party guests. When they finally retire the marital bed collapses thanks to a practical joke played by Arthur’s boorish boss (Barry Foster) and the following morning the couple discover that the travel agent who sold them the tickets for their honeymoon to Majorca has absconded with all their money. Unable to get a home of their own, Jenny and Arthur continue living in the crowded Fitton house with Arthur’s parents and brother Geoffrey (Murray Head) where the thin walls and lack of privacy exacerbate Arthur’s discomfort. As days pass into weeks, the marriage remains unconsummated, and the strain between the couple steadily worsens and gossip about their dilemma spreads.

Special Features:

  • The McCartney Way: Composing The Soundtrack: Interview with Chip Madinger
  • Armchair Theatre: Honeymoon Postponed (1961)
  • Original Trailer
  • Stills gallery

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

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StudioCanal to release ’60s sexual revolution classic The Family Way on DVD, Blu-Ray and digital download | The Digital Fix