Dark Star (UK BD) in January

John Carpenter’s feature film debut gets an extras-packed UK Blu-ray release…

Following numerous delays, Fabulous Films are now saying the UK Blu-ray Disc release of Dark Star will finally arrive on 23rd January 2012. John Carpenter’s pulp science fiction classic follows a warped intergalactic mission to blow up unstable planets. Dark Star was intended to be a 68 minute student film. Hollywood Producer Jack Harris managed to convince the film-makers to shoot 15 minutes of extra footage and released the expanded version theatrically.

This all new Blu-ray edition has been sourced from an original 16 x 9 35mm theatrical print. The film was originally shot on 16mm, and then blown up to 35mm for theatrical distribution. The new master has been subject to a new grade and extensive manual frame by frame digital restoration with enhance and restored to Dolby Digital 5.1.

Priced at £19.99 RRP, features include:

  • Includes the Original Theatrical Version (83mins) and the Director’s Cut version (68mins)
  • An all new feature length documentary entitled Let There Be Light (116mins): The Odyssey of Dark Star. Exploring the controversial making of the John Carpenter and writer Dan O’Bannon (Alien) student film.
  • Archival interviews with John Carpenter and many more
  • Plus the final interview with Dan O’Bannon
  • Interview with Brian Narelle, cinematographer Doug Knapp, art director Tommy Lee Wallace, visual effects artist Greg Jein, voice artist Cookie Knapp, film director Jack Harris, Dianne O’Bannon, USC Alumni / director Jeff Burr
  • Original Directors Cut of the Feature & Theatrical Cut of the Feature
  • Original Film Trailer
  • Stills Gallery – Poster Gallery – Lobby Gallery
  • New CGI Menus
  • Cast & Crew Biographies
  • English & Spanish Subtitles

Updated: Jan 07, 2012

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