MUBI - what is new in June?

MUBI - what is new in June?

MUBI have announced their June additions and their line up includes four films from Claire Denis to mark the release of High Life in the cinemas and a duo of titles from Peter Strickland.

Also leaving MUBI in June are the Sylvia Chang's Love Education, Danièle Huillet and Jean-Marie Straub's Chronicle of Anna Magdalena Bach and Luis Buñuel's Phantom of Liberty.

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Bodies and Souls: A Spotlight on Claire Denis

To celebrate the release of High Life in cinemas, we celebrate the illustrious career and sensual cinema of French filmmaker Claire Denis, from her most well-known works such as Beau Travail (1999) andNénette and Bonnie(1996), to the post-colonial drama White Material (2009), starring Isabelle Huppert, and the bewitching and sinister thriller Bastards (2013).

Double Bill: Peter Strickland

Peter Strickland is back with his latest film In Fabric, and we take this opportunity to delve into the director’s previous works: the nightmarish giallo-horror pastiche  Berberian Sound Studio (2012) and the intoxicating erotic and psychological drama The Duke of Burgundy (2014).

MUBI Exclusives: New Strands

MUBI have launched a number of new exclusive strands, which will enjoy a permanent home on the platform. Strands include: Debuts – a celebration of first features from new filmmakers; The New Auteurs – a tribute to emerging artists and filmmakers with distinct visions; Luminaries – works from the established masters of cinema; Brief Encounters – the very best in new short cinema; Undiscovered – adventurous and experimental works that push boundaries and challenge the status quo; Rediscovered –  restored classics waiting to be revisited; MUBI Releases – MUBI’s all-rights acquisitions, hand-picked from festivals and released in cinemas.

The New Auteurs - From the Locarno and Rotterdam film festivals comes the beguiling sophomore feature Sophia Antipolis from emerging French auteur Virgil Vernier. A psycho-geographical, state-of-the-nation survey that centers on the residents of a business park caught between the tourist magnets of Nice and Cannes on the French Riviera.

Debuts - Isabella Eklöf's provocative and ruthless debut Holiday (which premiered at Sundance) tells a riveting modern tale set among vacationing gangsters on the Turkish Riviera. With moments as disturbing and uncomfortable as the setting is stunning, this is a bold portrayal of gender, class, power, repression, and violence—as seen from the female perspective.

Luminaries - Lav Diaz’ epic cinema is back on MUBI for the first time since our year-long retrospective dedicated to the renowned auteur. Winner of the Alfred Bauer Prize in Berlin, A Lullaby for the Sorrowful Mystery is an engrossing historical saga on the Philippine Revolution, exploring the foundations and conflicts of Philippine national identity and memory.

Undiscovered - Boris Mitić’s self-described “whistleblowing documentary parody” pursues the personification of "nothing," exploring what can be captured when nothing is happening. In Praise of Nothing was filmed by 62 cinematographers in 70 different countries and is narrated by punk legend Iggy Pop.

MUBI Releases in June 2019

  • 6/1/2019      Orgy of the Dead / Stephen C. Apostolof
  • 6/2/2019      Scoop / Woody Allen
  • 6/3/2019      Sophia Antipolis / Virgil Vernier
  • 6/4/2019      Nénette and Bonnie / Claire Denis
  • 6/5/2019      The Front Page / Billy Wilder
  • 6/6/2019      History Lessons / Jean-Marie Straub, Danièle Huillet
  • 6/7/2019      Holiday / Isabella Eklöf
  • 6/8/2019      A Bigger Splash / Jack Hazan
  • 6/9/2019      Mean Streets / Martin Scorsese
  • 6/10/2019    El Niño Pez / Lucía Puenzo
  • 6/11/2019    A Lullaby for the Sorrowful Mystery / Lav Diaz
  • 6/12/2019    Beau Travail / Claire Denis
  • 6/13/2019    Die Tomorrow / Nawapol Thamrongrattanarit
  • 6/14/2019    A Single Man / Tom Ford
  • 6/15/2019    Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas / Terry Gilliam
  • 6/16/2019    The Return / Andrey Zvyagintsev
  • 6/17/2019    Moses and Aaron / Jean-Marie Straub, Danièle Huillet
  • 6/18/2019    Transamerica / Duncan Tucker
  • 6/19/2019    Oberhausen Shorts 
  • 6/20/2019    Oberhausen Shorts
  • 6/21/2019    In Praise of Nothing / Boris Mitić
  • 6/22/2019    White Material / Claire Denis
  • 6/23/2019    Ghost World / Terry Zwigoff
  • 6/24/2019    Bad Hair / Mariana Rondon
  • 6/25/2019    Oberhausen Shorts  
  • 6/26/2019    Oberhausen Shorts   
  • 6/27/2019    Damage / Louis Malle
  • 6/28/2019    Berberian Sound Studio / Peter Strickland
  • 6/29/2019    The Duke of Burgundy / Peter Strickland
  • 6/30/2019    Bastards / Claire Denis

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