Hulk is set to get very angry on 4K Blu-ray this April with new editions of both Hulk and The Incredible Hulk

Hulk is set to get very angry on 4K Blu-ray this April with new editions of both Hulk and The Incredible Hulk

Hulk fans need to pop 13th April 2020 in their diaries as that's the date Universal are set to make us all turn green with envy with the releases of new editions of Hulk (2003) and The Incredible Hulk (2008) on 4K Blu-ray. They will also be releasing a stunning limited edition collectors release featuring both films. We currently have details of the Zavvi exclusive steelbook editions - there may be more standard editions of the films available from other retailers but we haven't seen any information on those yet.

Hulk (2003)

Eric Bana stars as Bruce Banner, whose involvement in a freak lab accident exposes him to gamma radiation. As a result, whenever the mild-mannered man becomes angry, he transforms into a huge, rampaging creature that destroys everything in his path. Banner’s ex-girlfriend Betty Ross (Academy Award® winner Jennifer Connelly) believes that his father (Nick Nolte) may hold the answer to the desperate situation, but can she make the connection in time to save a terrified world? Directed by Academy Award winner Ang Lee, Hulk is bursting with heart-pounding adventure and explosive special effects.


  • Feature Commentary With Director Ang Lee
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Evolution Of The Hulk
  • The Incredible Ang Lee
  • The Dog Fight Scene
  • The Making Of The Hulk

The Incredible Hulk (2008)

Academy Award nominee Edward Norton stars as scientist Bruce Banner, a man who has been living in shadows, scouring the planet for an antidote to the unbridled force of rage within him: the Hulk. But when the military masterminds who dream of exploiting his powers force him back to civilization, he finds himself coming face to face with his most formidable foe: the Abomination – a nightmarish beast of pure aggression whose powers match the Hulk’s own!


  • Feature Commentary With Director Louis Leterrier And Tim Roth
  • Thunderbolt Files
  • From Comic Book To Screen
  • Alternate Opening
  • The Making Of Incredible
  • Becoming The Hulk
  • Becoming The Abomination
  • Deleted Scenes

The Universal Hulk Collection

The Universal Hulk Collection is a must-have for all Hulk fans. This set includes both Hulk (2003) and The Incredible Hulk (2008) on 4K UHD and standard blu-ray, and features striking newly-commissioned artwork inspired by the transformation of Bruce Banner into the Hulk. Hulk (2003) is new to 4K UHD in the UK.

All components are housed in a deluxe rigid box, printed on metallic board within an acetate O-ring. This limited edition steelbook box set is individually numbered, limited to only 1500 copies.

The Universal Hulk Collection features both of the releases as described above alongside the following:

  • Individually Numbered Deluxe Rigid Box, printed on metallic board with Hulk and The Incredible Hulk imagery on each side
  • Acetate O-ring, with title treatments and lightning detail
  • 20-page picture book featuring concept art, sketches and stills from the two movies
  • 28-page comic book: Universal Edition containing material originally published in magazine form as HULK Vol. 1 No. 1, May 1962

For a full list of all upcoming releases for you to buy to own you can check out our 4K Blu-ray release schedule and DVD and Blu-ray release schedule.

The Incredible Hulk (2008)
Dir: Louis Leterrier | Cast: Edward Norton, Liv Tyler, Tim Roth, William Hurt | Writers: Jack Kirby (Marvel comic book), Stan Lee (Marvel comic book), Zak Penn (screen story), Zak Penn (screenplay)

Hulk (2003)
Dir: Ang Lee | Cast: Eric Bana, Jennifer Connelly, Josh Lucas, Sam Elliott | Writers: Jack Kirby (Marvel comic book character), James Schamus (screenplay), James Schamus (story), John Turman (screenplay), Michael France (screenplay), Stan Lee (Marvel comic book character)

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