Check out what's on MUBI this April

Check out what's on MUBI this April

Over the past week or so MUBI has enjoyed an increase in sign-ups and viewing time in the UK, as people look for things to do while on lockdown at home. This month the platform brings across Portrait of a Lady on Fire and debuts Andrew Kötting's new film, The Whalebone Box, along with their usual curated selection of retrospectives and seasons.


Coming exclusively to the platform, only 8 weeks after its theatrical release, is Céline Sciamma's gorgeous romantic drama Portrait of a Lady on Fire - from April 24. A lesbian love story that subverts the relationship between artist and muse, and dismantles patriarchal and heteronormative rules, the film won the Best Screenplay Award in Cannes and was a hit in UK cinemas. To celebrate Sciamma's accomplishments, we'll be showing more of her work on MUBI, including Tomboy (2011) and Girlhood (2014) soon.


Premiering exclusively on MUBI on April 3 is The Whalebone Box a new documentary feature by renowned British experimental artist, writer and filmmaker Andrew Kötting, co-released with HOME Manchester. Focussing on a box made of whale bone that once washed up on a shore in the Hebrides and was then given away, the filmmakers capture the journey of the mysterious, potentially magical object as they return it to where it was found, in the hope it will cure a general unwellness affecting the island. The results are unpredictable and haunting, as the filmmakers grapple with the power, real or imagined, that the object possesses.


Starting at the end of March and continuing through April and May, comes a comprehensive retrospective of the work of misunderstood master Joseph Losey. Specifically, MUBI will be focusing on the films he made after being blacklisted for his affiliation with the Communist Party, and being forced to flee to Europe, where he started the most prolific and critically-acclaimed phase of his dense career. The titles we'll be showing in March and April are: Eva (1962) - from March 30, The Servant (1963) - from April 6, Accident (1967) - from April 13, the Palme d'Or winner The Go-Between (1971) - from April 20, and Mr. Klein (1976) - from April 27.


Showing back to back, on April 25 and 26, are two films that are essential in understanding the genius of Japanese master Akira Kurosawa: Ran ( Kurosawa), and A.K. (Chris Marker). The first is Kurosawa's classic reimagining of Shakespeare's King Lear, transported to sixteenth century Japan; the second is a documentary about the making of Ran which is a classic in itself. Being careful not to get too close as to spoil the magic of his process, Marker uses the material he can access to craft a lyrical portrait of one of the most influential filmmakers of all time, while never giving up his own voice.


Nona. If They Soak Me, I Will Burn Them (Camilla José Donoso, 2019)

From the director of CASA ROSHELL (MUBI 2019) comes this hybrid of documentary and fiction, which explores the effects of recent Chilean history through the portrait of a proud grandmother, unscathed by the forest fires that are besetting her town.


The Grand Bizarre (Jodie Mack, 2018)

Jodie Mack's feature debut, which premiered at the 2018 Locarno Film Festival, brings mundane objects into life and takes them on the road, in a global journey that follows the flow of materials, textures and sounds woven together in a wholly original, exciting style.


Ghost Town Anthology (Denis Côté, 2019)

From renowned Canadian filmmaker Denis Côté comes this Berlinale competition selection, a fantasy/drama set in a small town in Quebec in which a deadly car accident shakes the population and blurs the line between living and dead, with lyrically eerie results. 


A Russian Youth (Alexander Zolotukhin, 2019)

 This highly-stylised, dreamy war film is Alexander Zolotukhin's debut feature, which had its world premiere at last year's Berlinale: focused on a teenage boy who loses his hearing during WW1, the film follows him as the army deploys his extraordinary hearing to listen out for enemy planes.

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