Viewsonic X10-4K Projector Review

Viewsonic X10-4K Projector Review

There's no escaping the fact that the Viewsonic X10-4K is a statement. It looks like the sort of retro futuristic tech that wouldn't look out of place in Star Trek: The Original Series, and totally different to any projector we've seen before, with it's boxy, smooth edged shell proudly displaying the huge lens front and centre. It'll be a talking point before you even turn it on.

But exterior looks aren't what you're here for - and thankfully it delivers as a projector too. Even the specs impress - 4K HDR via a 2400 Lumens bulb, high quality Harman Kardon speakers, 3,000,000:1 contrast ratio, built in support for Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa - it ticks all the boxes you'd expect and a couple you wouldn't.

The Viewsonic X10-4K is a short throw projector giving a large screen from a short distance - most likely it'll sit in front of you so the fact it looks good is a bonus. And the positioning, in front of the viewer, means the speakers make it a great portable cinema that offers both a visually and aurally impressive experience.

The rear of the device plays host to the variety of inputs and outputs available. There are two HDCP2.2 compatible HDMI ports for 4K video, USB-C, Micro SD and a LAN input (the projector also features dual channel wifi via a USB dongle that you insert into the hidden compartment next to the power socket, so you may well never use this). There's a S/PDIF optical output if you want to connect the device to your surround setup and two standard HDMI ports for USB sticks or to power external dongles/casting devices.

All of the inputs are hidden behind a magnetically attached flap - it will alway be open when in use which is a shame as, other than the power, it is entirely possible to use this projector wirelessly.

In terms of performance the picture quality is pin sharp and detailed with native 4K video and even performs impressively with upscaled material. Interestingly the video isn't entirely native 4K - the LED panel actually outputs a 1080p image which flashes the 'DMD' mirrors inside the unit four times to build the full 4K image - this happens so quickly that it's imperceptible and the resulting image is indeed a full 4K matching the source, just not built all at once. It's impressive tech and works flawlessly.

The Viewsonic X10-4K features Harman Kardon speakers and a handy kickstand if you need to raise the image slightly. The automatic keystone correction will do its best to keep the picture nice and square.

The projector has the ability to auto-focus and automatically keystone correct itself, although the former wasn't always 100% and keystone correction of a 4K image would result in reduced image quality so should be avoided if at all possible.

The Viewsonic X10-4K works well in reasonably light rooms - certainly the average living room, at least during the winter months, and should be suitable for use at all times of the day if you close your curtains. Obviously, best performance comes in relative darkness and it's hard to fault the bright, punchy HDR image.

One small bugbear was a slightly blue/green tint that seemed to effect the picture and while we were able to reduce this by fiddling with the various picture options, the colours never felt 100% right, but within minutes you get used to it.

The speakers are impressive offering a deep soundstage and while they'll never compete with a dedicated surround rig, they're on a par with the average television and offer more bass than most.


  • It looks gorgeous
  • Nice, bright, 4K picture
  • Great built in speakers
  • Apps available for some streaming services


  • Slight tint to the picture
  • App selection is limited


An impressive looking, sounding and performing 4K projector that only suffers from a slight colour tint issue. It would be a talking piece in any living room!


out of 10

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