Viewsonic PX747-4K UHD Projector Review

The latest 4K projector to enter TDF towers testing room is the Viewsonic PX747-4K UHD - a budget (for 4K) projector that can throw a larger-than TV sized screen across the average living room.

As far as 4K devices go, the PX747 is a pretty small device - a shade bigger than our benchmark Optoma HD50, it's the smallest 4K projector we've used to date it's also the cheapest given that it can be picked up at under £900 at the time of writing.

Set up is straightforward - there are two HDMI sockets (one supporting full 4K HDR video) and a VGA input. There are also digital audio inputs and outputs meaning that the projector plays nicely with a dongle such as the Roku Streaming Stick+ while supporting an external amplifier.

There is also a powered USB port, mini USB and and RS232 connection.

Powering up the PX747 is on par with other projectors we've tested with a 20 second or so warm-up wait and with a little more time needed to allow the lamp to adjust to full brightness and optimal picture quality. There is an optical zoom allowing you to adjust the size of the display to your requirements, but we were a little disappointed that at around 12ft from the wall, we didn't quite get as big a picture as our HD50 can throw at the same distance. This, coupled with a sizeable border around the image made the image feel far more restricted than we'd have liked.

Focusing the image for perfect sharpness was also a problem - while the focus wheel worked well, it was far too sensitive and the slightest movement would result in an image that wasn't quite as sharp as we'd have expected. When it was perfectly set the image was brilliantly sharp and HDR video in particular looked lovely.

The PX747 offers up 3500 ANSI Lumens meaning it worked well in reasonably ambient light levels and in a dark room the image popped, the brightness did lend the border around the image some definition which was a little distracting at first - it felt like the image should have been bigger than it was but having scoured the menus for any image size controls we determined that the image size was correct. We also felt the fans in the PX747 were noticeably louder than other projectors we've used but on louder films this wasn't too noticeable.

The conventional lamp offers a 12,000:1 contrast ratio which combined with the HDR support results in nice deep blacks and popping colours. This is a DLP projector but we couldn't identify any rainbow artefacts in our testing, something that occasionally can affect DLP projectors - although the effect is dependent upon the viewer as many can't see it.

The Viewsonic PX747-4K offers an affordable entry into the large screen UHD world. Combined with a decent 4K source - a proper, native 4K Blu-ray release is the perfect demo material - it provides a picture quality that is noticeably superior to mid-range HD projectors. The difference between high-end HD and this 4K device was less pronounced.


A large border and smaller longer than average throw combine to produce a projector that presents a decent 4K image that doesn't quite blow us away


out of 10


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