Optoma HD142X 1080p DLP Projector Review Review

We're big fans of Optoma's projector line-up to the point where we picked our own HD50 last time we had a look at what they had to offer. It's been a couple of years since then so we're back to take a look at their current lineup of quality home cinema kit...

First up is the HD142X with it's low price, sharp looks and compact frame combining to create something that looks fantastic as a display piece that won't break the bank - and that's before you even turn it on.


The HD142X is a budget priced 1080P DLP projector that can comfortably throw a near-flawless 120-inch image in most living room spaces. While previous budget models from Optoma did exhibit the DLP trademark rainbow effect, in extensive use we were unable to spot anything noticeable - obviously some people are more susceptible than others so your mileage may vary, but to our eyes there was nothing to worry about.

The 1080p image was crystal clear, easily on par with a mid-range large screen TV, but more than twice the size, price per (quality) inch we think the HD142X is unbeatable. Sharp lines and a good colour range that benefits from the 23,000:1 contrast ratio makes even the most basic screen setup pop. Even projected on to an off-white wall it looked easily as good as our 55 inch Samsung TV for all types of content.

The 33ms input lag may be a little bit concerning to pro gamers where even the slightest lag can have a negative effect but for film and TV we can't find a reason to complain.


In terms of connectivity, the back panel is a little more sparse than previous projectors we've seen - there are two HDMI ports (one offering MHL), a USB port (which we're not sure was actually working on our review model), a 12v out and 3D out to provide support for active 3D glasses and a 2 channel audio out. There is also an onboard speaker but you really won't be wanting to use that for your film watching even if it does pack a surprising punch.

We would have loved to have seen a proper digital audio output that could carry a 7.1 signal - combined with a Chromecast Ultra it could have provided the almost perfect all-in-one entertainment centre. That said, for most static setups the connectivity on offer is more than enough.

The Optoma HD142X is keenly priced too - the SRP is just £549 and at the time of writing it can be picked up at Amazon for just £449. Check out our automated price checker below as by the time you read this it may be cheaper elsewhere.

Amazon UK£449.00£0.00£449.00
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In all, we find little reason to complain - the Optoma HD142X is gorgeous to look at, performs flawlessly and does it all for a bargain basement price.

Check back soon as we'll be taking a look at the short throw 16ms input lag GT1080Darbee


For quality picture per inch, you won't find a better value projector



out of 10

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