Ghostbusters (2016) Review

“If you wanna reboot an acclaimed franchise, who you gonna call? PAUL FEIG!”

Since its initial announcement, Director Paul Feig’s all-female Ghostbusters reboot has come under constant bombardments from “die-hard” fans of the 1984 original and sub sequentially brought sexists and trolls out of their dark holes to give their “expert” opinion even before the film had been released.

But now that Ghostbusters is out worldwide, it is incredibly pleasing to say that its worthy of sending the trolls back from whence they came because ‘screw the hate, Ghostbusters is great’.

Starring Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones and surprise package Kate McKinnon as the titular team along with Chris Hemsworth and a host of clever cameo appearances from the ’84 cast, this reboot has everything for new and old fans alike.

The story begins with Erin Gilbert (Wiig) who is applying for a place teaching physics at a prestigious university, but after a book she wrote with old friend Abby Yates (McCarthy) on the paranormal resurfaces, Erin must get the book removed from sale otherwise her opportunity could be squandered. After a reunion with Abby and her new lab partner, the incredibly wacky and comical Jillian Holtzmann (McKinnon), Erin is once again thrown back into her paranormal studies after someone begins to release ghosts into New York City. Along with street smart Patty Tolan (Jones) and their slapstick receptionist Kevin (Hemsworth) they form the Ghostbusters.

The main talking point about Ghostbusters on a personal level is how reverent this reboot is. It most certainly has not taken the famous name and tarnished it in the slightest. Instead, it has taken some ideas from the original and Feig has expertly put his talented spin on the story, enough to make it feel fresh and accessible to a whole new generation with rapid fire modern references and a hilarious cast with priceless chemistry and comedic timing whilst also preserving the franchises name as a welcome addition.

With any reboot of this nature comes an inevitable upgrade in special effects and with the added bonus of Ghostbusters being presented in IMAX 3D, everything fits together superbly to create one of the better 3D experiences in cinemas in recent years. Ghosts, proton blasts and slime don’t just leap off the screen but also defy wide screen laws and overlap with the border around the frame to add even more depth to the experiences.

As far as a stand out performance goes, Kate McKinnon is 100% the winner of this award and is a true breakout star. This is not only the case because of her crazy and lively dialogue but also her subtle comedic elements displayed either in the background or foreground from one liners to physical comedy too.

That’s not to say that she dominates over her co-stars though as all four of our heroes feel like a team with equal presence and screen time.

Ghostbusters is not only a very good reboot but is a great comedy on its own merits. From cleverly placed reference to hilarious physical comedy too, it will have new and old fans grinning throughout its runtime. Its only a matter of time before audiences demand a sequel and besides, we all want more Kate McKinnon in our lives after this.

James Perkins

Updated: Jul 19, 2016

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Ghostbusters (2016) Review

Ghostbusters will have new and old fans grinning from ear to ear for its entire 2 hour runtime and successfully repels the haters and stands strong on its own merits. Sequel please Paul.

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