A Good Woman is Hard to Find

A young mother goes to great lengths to protect her children after her husband is murdered

Directed by Abner Pastoll (Road Games) and written by Ronan Blaney (Boogaloo and Graham), A Good Woman is Hard to Find focusses on the struggles of the recently widowed Sarah (Sarah Bolger). Living in Belfast with her two young children, the young mother has to cope with the loss and murder of her husband, Stephen, and how it has impacted their lives.

Stephen was attacked and killed by a group of men, and despite his wife’s insistence that the attack was unprovoked and needs investigating, the police fail to act and Stephen’s murder is brushed off as a dispute between drug dealers. Sarah protests this decision but the locals and even her own mother (Jane Brennan), believes that Stephen was responsible for what happened to him. Sarah and Stephen’s seven-year-old son, Ben (Rudy Doherty), was present during his father’s murder and has not spoken since.

One night, Sarah and her children are visited by Tito (Andrew Simpson), a drug dealer who insists on using their house to hide his stolen stash. Despite her objections, he continues to store his supplies in her home and even gives her a share of his earnings. Desperate to protect her children from further distress and keen for life to return to normality, Sarah tries to deter Tito while attempting to discover if he knows anything about her husband’s murder.

Sarah Bolger is outstanding in this film and despite some of her character’s questionable choices, she does a fantastic job at making viewers automatically sympathise with her and her situation. The audience is instantly exposed to Sarah’s isolation and it seems as though everyone is against her – especially the men she encounters. From the moment you meet Bolger’s character, it is difficult not to want to stick with the film and make sure she survives this particular period of turmoil. Andrew Simpson also gives an interesting performance in his role as Tito, an unpredictable character who provides additional anxiety for the already struggling Sarah.

A Good Woman is Hard to Find also displays some fantastic examples of character development and Bolger presents this perfectly in her performance. It is a delight to experience Sarah gradually evolve from a timid, terrified and almost defeated young woman, to a determined and vengeful individual who will stop at nothing to protect her children and her late husband’s reputation.

Although the pacing of the movie is a little slow at times, this tends to work to the film’s advantage as it allows the more shocking moments to really pack a punch. The dialogue is honest and captivating, so will keep viewers engaged as the story gradually builds to some action-filled, violent scenes which are sure to make people squirm in their seats.

Gore aside, the cinematography is fantastic and there are some especially memorable aerial shots which are rather striking. The film is also accompanied by a chilling score which is effectively used in conjunction with what is happening onscreen. Its eerie sounds appropriately accompany the tense scenes in the film, yet it is quite jarring when it needs to be.

A Good Woman is Hard to Find is a fresh, shocking crime thriller and Sarah Bolger effectively captures the essence of a character who is beaten down, yet is willing to do anything to protect her family. It is a disturbing watch, but you’ll be rooting for Sarah until the very end.

A Good Woman is Hard to Find is released on 25th of October 2019

Olivia Hill

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

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