Film Reviews

The Fanatic Review

We're not fanatical about this film

The Hard Stop Review

The ongoing struggle for police accountability

Days of the Bagnold Summer Review

A tale of single parenting and heavy metal

Apartment 1BR Review

Proof you shouldn't talk to your neighbours

Shirley Review

An intoxicating dive into the mind of horror writer Shirley Jackson

Guest of Honour Review

David Thewlis takes the lead in Atom Egoyan's dark family drama

To the Stars Review

This 60s-set coming-of-age drama brings two unlikely teens together in an intimate friendship

Porno Review

If you use it, you'll lose it

The Last Full Measure Review

The ultimate sacrifice deserves the highest honour

Luz Review

A neat twist in the age-old possession story.

The Grey Fox Review

In 1901, after 33 years in San Quentin, Bill Miner 'The Gentleman Bandit' was released into the Twentieth Century

The Vast of Night Review

The Vast of Night is one of the most impressive directorial debuts in quite some time.

Only the Animals Review

A Rashômon-light, Scandi-noirish thriller from France

Screened Out Review

The addiction to screens is real

The Wanting Mare Review

A slight fantasy fable crafted with high quality VFX

The Final Wish Review

Careful what you wish for

The Painter and the Thief Review

The unlikely bond between an artist and the man who stole her paintings

Lucky Grandma Review

A Coen-esque crime caper that doesn't get away with it

Proximity Review

A man encounters aliens and shockingly no one believes him.