Film Reviews

LFF 2019: Waves Review

The kids aren’t alright in Trey Edward Shults’ hypnotic drama.

Sorry We Missed You Review

Ken Loach’s new film burns with righteous anger

Brittany Runs a Marathon Review

Running a marathon with no training would be far more enjoyable than sitting through this.

LFF 2019: The Dude in Me Review

Criminal organisations, high school, they both have their own problems in The Dude in Me.

Making Waves: The Art of Cinematic Sound Review

A documentary celebrating the history of sound in cinema

Yves Saint Laurent: The Last Collections Review

Unravelling the Phantom Thread of a fashion icon

LFF 2019: Babyteeth Review

Milla brings the wholly inappropriate Moses home to meet her parents

LFF 2019: Burning Cane Review

Helen must attempt to save her only son from himself

Dolemite is My Name Review

Eddie Murphy is back on form with real heart and soul

LFF 2019: Pink Wall Review

Love and all the messy bits that come with it in Tom Cullen’s wonderful relationship drama.

By the Grace of God Review

The broken promises of the Catholic Church

LFF 2019: End of the Century Review

A blast from the past in Lucio Castro’s intriguing relationship drama.

A Good Woman is Hard to Find Review

A young mother goes to great lengths to protect her children after her husband is murdered

The Addams Family Review

Less Addams Family, more Bad-ams Family.

The Beach Bum Review

Matthew McConaughey is the easy going writer, Moondog, in Harmony Korine's The Beach Bum

The Last Black Man in San Francisco Review

Jimmie Fails attempts to reclaim his childhood home in this true story of gentrification in San Francisco

LFF 2019: Monos Review

A group of rebel teenage commandos have been given one mission

LFF 2019: Color Out of Space Review

Interesting visuals and atmosphere can't save this Nicolas Cage horror

Zombieland: Double Tap Review

New stronger zombies, same old humour