Film Reviews

Radioactive Review

Rosamund Pike stars as scientific trailblazer Marie Curie, but does it spark?

Chatroom Review

A cyber-thriller from the director of Ring. Could be interesting. It isn't.

Ema Review

Pablo Larraín's Ema - one of the most exciting films of 2020 so far

Inheritance Review

You'll be begging to be left out of the will.

The Invisible Man Review

What you can't see can hurt you

Lynn + Lucy Review

Lifelong best friends find their relationship tested

House of Hummingbird Review

A beautifully intricate coming-of-age drama which lingers

On the Record Review

The downfall of the one-time 'king of hip hop'

Fanny Lye Deliver'd Review

An unforgettable folk-horror-western fable

The Girl with a Bracelet Review

On trial for friendship, self discovery, and murder.

Irresistible Review

Jon Stewart is back, and he has something to say

Miss Juneteenth Review

A portrait of black motherhood, resilience and hope

Babyteeth Review

A beautifully written and performed Aussie heartbreaker

7500 Review

Flight control, we have a problem.

Injustice Review

Four familes struggle to fight a racist state

The Ground Beneath My Feet Review

The value of mental health in a cold, capitalist world

The Australian Dream Review

A hard-hitting documentary on racism in Australian sport and society

The King of Staten Island Review

All Hail The King of Staten Island