Tom Cruise returns as Ethan Hunt in his most impossible mission yet! Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation Review Review

“Having Tom Cruise hanging on the outside of the plane whilst I was sat safely inside is the most nervous I’ve ever been” – Christopher McQuarrie

This week, I was lucky enough to get tickets to an exclusive IMAX screening of Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation in tandem with the UK Premiere in London. Before the movie began, we got a glimpse at the happenings of the red carpet event with the live stream of the premiere. During this pre-show event, the auditorium got to see exclusive interviews and a live Q&A session with the cast (Tom Cruise, Simon Pegg and Rebecca Ferguson) and the Director, Christopher McQuarrie.

During the interview segment, Writer/Director Christopher McQuarrie stated that the plane stunt (which everyone who has watched the trailer knows what I mean) was nerve-racking for everyone involved. Tom Cruise also mentioned that he gets more nervous for other actors doing stunts rather than him as he is so accustomed to them after many years in the business.It was a great insight into some of the behind-the-scenes and it really shows how much of a family they are off-screen as well as on.

Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation is written and directed by Christopher McQuarrie and stars Tom Cruise, Jeremy Renner, Simon Pegg, Rebecca Ferguson and (series favourite) Ving Rhames.

The film is set shortly after the events of Ghost Protocol, (Readers who have watched Ghost Protocol will remember Ethan getting a mission from IMF involving The Syndicate at the very end of the film) and as the trailer reveals, the IMF gets disbanded due to their recent history and it’s up to Ethan Hunt to put a stop to the Syndicate, a rogue organisation that has managed to worm its way into the world’s top secret services, whilst also on the run from the CIA. Ethan must use his closest allies and incredible array of skills in order to complete his most impossible mission yet.

The film opens with one of the most death-defying stunts I’ve ever witnessed, the “Plane” stunt. It’s definitely a smart choice by the team to start with this explosive opening to exposition into the famous title sequence. There’s just something nostalgic about hearing the theme tune blasted out over the incredible IMAX speakers.

What Mission: Impossible always does well is build on the previous installments, adding new elements whilst integrating old methods that work well and are accustom to the franchise.

In the case of Rogue Nation, it is most definitely a direct sequel to Ghost Protocol which is different from the original three films - they can be considered as standalone titles and can realistically be watched in any order. With each film having a different director on board, they all have their own unique feel to them, like an extended episode of a TV Show. However, even though Ghost Protocol and Rogue Nation have different directors, a lot of the same team worked on both films and that shows as both they share a very similar style, making Rogue Nation feel like an extension of Ghost Protocol.

Here we have a catch 22 as this is equally good and bad. On the one hand, we have the fact that the story and characters from Ghost Protocol can continue and reappear in Rogue Nation without any exposition required which leaves more time for the story to develop. On the other hand, we lose the uniqueness of what was such an integral part of Tom Cruise’s plan for the franchise; to have each film as a standalone with its own unique feel and look. This part also alienates viewers who may not have seen Ghost Protocol and leaves them a little in the dark in terms of characters, their history and some of the references brought up in Rogue Nation.

All that aside, Rogue Nation is a really strong addition to the famous franchise.

There is plenty of action, suspense, twists and turns for hardcore fans of the series and for general movie viewers as well.The locations and set pieces were wonderfully put together and really were the glue for keeping the story together. Not only that but it is obvious to viewers that everyone involved had a lot of fun making the film and the performances from the cast show a real sense of family between the characters.

Rebecca Ferguson is the newest addition to the Mission: Impossible family with her character, Ilsa Faust, a British agent whose loyalty and actions really keep you guessing whose side she’s really on throughout the entire film. This, for me, was the greatest strength in this particular story.

As mentioned previously, Benji (played by Simon Pegg) and William (played by Jeremy Renner) return in Rogue Nation. Both play brilliant parts and some doses of comedy that they bring really add to their characters. Some people were worried that Benji being a bit “over-the-top” and useless in some scenarios may negatively affect the story but I believe that not only does it give his character a unique flavour, but it also shows that he is a rookie in terms of being a field agent and even though that is the case, Ethan Hunt still believes him to be a valuable asset as a friend more than anything else.

Finally, as you may expect, as with the other Mission: Impossible films the ending is not left wide open for a sequel but leaves the door slightly ajar so that anything is possible in the future. My only worry is that, with Tom Cruise recently turning 53, he may not be able to continue this franchise forever. As the face of Mission: Impossible it would be a difficult task to create more installments with a new lead but that would mean making another film in relatively quick succession to this one in order to keep Tom Cruise in the driver’s seat.

To conclude, is Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation the best action movie of the year? No.

Is it a great addition to the franchise and does it build upon the foundations set by the previous films? Most definitely.

I would say that’s “Mission: Accomplished” Mr Cruise.


Another great addition to the franchise with great action set pieces and a real sense of family between the cast, but loses its unique flavour by being a direct continuation from Ghost Protocol.


out of 10

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