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Your tolerance for Hollywood in-jokery will determine whether you enjoy Seed Of Chucky, the fifth Child's Play movie. If you were annoyed by all the celebrity gags in Ocean's Twelve and Be Cool, steer clear of this - it's one long pop culture in-joke. The Child's Play sequels gave up trying to be scary long ago. Acceped for what it is, the film's funny enough to pass the time and at least it's a damn sight less convinced of its own cleverness than Be Cool or Ocean's Twelve.

If you've never seen a Child's Play movie, the premise is that the soul of a deranged serial killer (Brad Dourif) was transported by voodoo magic into the children's doll Chucky - who is based on the Cabbage Patch Kids of the eighties. In the last installment, Bride Of Chucky, the murderous doll was reunited with his sweetheart Tiffany (Jennifer Tilly), who ended up as a doll herself. Their souls were eventually exorcised but not before Tiffany gave birth.

Seed Of Chucky begins, like Look Who's Talking, with animated sperm fertilising an egg, in this case a plastic one! Cut to five years later when Chucky's son (Billy Boyd), who looks like a cabbage patch goth, is the prisoner of a cruel British ventriloquist. Escaping from his cage, the nipper has himself posted to Hollywood, where the dolls his parents used to inhabit are being used as props in a film about their killing spree. Of course Chucky and Tiffany are brought back to murderous life and once again they start looking for suitable humans to exchange bodies with. A starstruck Tiffany decides at once to choose the actress playing her in the film - Jennifer Tilly.

Hats off to Ms Tilly for the sheer nerve she displays here. The way she allows herself to be portrayed is astonishing, even if it is tongue in cheek. I thought Cher was a good sport for playing herself as a bitch in Stuck On You but Tilly is depicted here as a desperate slut with a weight problem who seduces a director to save her flagging career. I can hardly believe anyone was brave enough to suggest this to the actress, let alone that she actually agreed to do it. I don't know if the end result was worth it for her but she certainly gets some laughs, some out of sheer disbelief.

Seed Of Chucky is loaded with B-list celebrities. Besides Tilly, there's Billy Boyd from Lord Of The Rings as the voice of Chucky's son, hip hop star Redman playing himself, cult director John Waters as a paparazzi and former S Club 7 singer Hannah Spearritt as Tilly's put-upon assistant. It's a bit of a shock to see the squeaky clean Ms Spearritt in such crude material - she even says the F-word! Her bandmate Rachel Stevens will be seen later this year in Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo - what has happened to our S Club girls? In a cast stuffed with British thespians, you might also recognise Jason Flemyng from Lock Stock and Nicholas Rowe, who played Young Sherlock Holmes. Male Brookside fans may be pleased to see Stephanie Chambers topless in the opening scenes.

I have a certain admiration for Seed Of Chucky's screenwriter and first-time director Don Mancini. He's written all the Chucky movies and he's managed to turn a gimmicky slasher flick into a franchise that's survived sixteen years, five movies and one media witch-hunt. Not that it's a particularly great franchise. Child's Play was a decent film, Child's Play 2 was bearable and Bride Of Chucky was amusing. That's the most you can say. Seed Of Chucky has a few laughs, some spectacularly gory deaths and Jennifer Tilly sending herself up royally. That's enough to keep the series going for another 90 minutes. Whether Don Mancini will be able to milk another drop out of the saga after this is another question. Now that we've seen Chucky masturbating over a copy of Fangoria, I think we've seen it all.



out of 10
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