Scary Movie 3 Review

Cindy Campbell (Anna Faris) returns for a third outing in the Scary Movie franchise, and this time she’s aiming her spoof stick at Signs, 8 Mile, and The Ring, with obvious winks to The Matrix, The Others, The Truman Show, and TV’s Pop Idol. The Wayans brothers have given up the reins to genre vet David Zucker for the second sequel to the spoof that spoofed a spoof, in the hope that some life could be injected into a collection of films that should have died already. The good news is it’s better than the Scary Movie 2, the bad news is, it still isn’t very good.

Much like the first two outings, there isn’t much point in trying to make a case for the film’s plot, as it really doesn’t have one. What we are supposed to learn is that there is a tape that kills people seven days after they view it – Cindy Campbell, now a hotshot reporter, begins to investigate the mysterious tape that is taking lives but it leads her to a strange man named the ‘architect’. Meanwhile, George (Simon Rex) is dreaming of getting away from his farm and making it as a ‘rapper’, but he and ex-priest Tom (Charlie Sheen) have the problem of crop circles appearing in their field. Could aliens be preparing an invasion (the crop circle that say’s ‘Attack Here’ would suggest so!)?

The film has so many jokes, it can’t fail to make people laugh, but it relies too much on crass bodily function gags, and overdoes sketches to the point they lose any remnants of comedy and become annoying, pointless time-fillers. Whereas the first film opened itself to a wider audience, Scary Movie 3 plays for the Freddy Got Fingered crowd – a sketch trying to bring a girl’s dead body back to life in front of her parents, rolls achingly on and on, and seeing disabled people including children, getting ‘beaten up’ is considered hilarious. Anna Faris is good enough in the lead, keeping everything together as best she can, and she hasn’t a problem playing everything with a straight face, but Leslie Nielsen and Charlie Sheen are on autopilot. The film has some great highlights but unfortunately many of them appear in the trailer – the Michael Jackson sketch stands out, but Pamela Anderson self-mocking her infamous sex tape, and Pop Idol’s Simon Cowell getting shot, are nice additions.

Scary Movie 3 is great fun in parts, but it misses more than it hits. It lacks any inspiration, and the paper-thin plot leaves plenty of stale, ‘cue lot’s of yawning’ moments. It’ll work for those that enjoyed Scary Movie 2, and the likes of Rat Race, but apart from the odd moment, it’s totally forgettable.



out of 10
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