Rush Hour 3 Review

It’s difficult to know where to start, reviewing Rush Hour 3. Anything I say is going to make me sound like an old curmudgeon. By now you have probably read a multitude of reviews all trying to find some clever and funny way of saying that the film is really bad. Well, why waste time trying to sugar coat it? Rush Hour 3 is REALLY bad!!

The success of the previous two instalments has always been a mystery to me, but there is obviously a loyal fan base out there eager to lap up this kind of mindless nonsense, and so Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker return to take their mismatched pairing to France. Director Brett Ratner has freely admitted that after seeing Chan and Tucker together at a meeting he knew the first film would be a hit, as neither of the stars could understand what the other was saying, and this he saw as comedy gold. If you stay for the credits of Rush Hour 3 (if you can make it that far) you will see what he was talking about, as the outtakes show both actors being spoon fed their lines, and Chan clearly not understanding half the words coming out of his own mouth, let alone Tucker's.

For this outing the pair are chasing the Chinese Triads, after a top Chinese official is assassinated in the U.S. while on the verge of disclosing the Triad leaders. For reasons best known to the scriptwriters, this leads them to the streets of Paris where they are harassed by Police Chief Roman Polanski (shame on you, Roman!!), chase around as many Parisian landmarks as they can and spout racial slurs at every turn. It’s no wonder so many countries seem to dislike Americans, as every time an American film crew leaves its own shores it seems to racially stereotype, and insult, another nation.

The plot really is beside the point here, and any attempt to describe its finer points is to give it attention that it really doesn’t deserve. People come to see these films for two reasons. Action and comedy. The action is provided by Chan and, sad to say, he is starting to show his age. If I’m not too mistaken there were a few body doubles involved in this one, and in one shot some very dodgy CGI. Comedy is the domain of Tucker, and this seems to take the form of shouting. Shouting VERY LOUD and very fast. Tucker seems to think that any line can be made funny if only you speed up the dialogue and increase the volume. Think again Chris. Can there be a more annoying person in films than Chris Tucker? He has made his film career solely on the Rush Hour franchise, and hasn’t been cast in anything in-between. Before that he was the man who, single-handed, almost ruined The Fifth Element. The film's set piece is the finale atop the Eiffel Tower, and it’s milked for an inordinately long time until you sit there screaming for the credits to roll. Quite what Polanski and Max Von Sydow are doing mixed up in all this is anybody’s guess, but if I were them I would be having a very strong word with my agent.

EIV have scheduled a box set of all three films, on DVD and Blu Ray, to be released just in time for Christmas, but if you're looking for presents over the festive period you have to ask yourself – do you hate anyone that much?



out of 10
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