I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry Review

Adam Sandler is straight! Seriously, Adam Sandler is very, very straight. This film is at pains to point this out to the audience from the very start. It opens with Sandler's character admitting to sleeping with identical twins, he goes on to sleep with his sexy doctor, enjoys an orgy with six cheerleaders and ogles every female boob and bottom that appears on the screen. Yes indeed, Sandler is a very STRAIGHT man, and heaven forbid that someone watching this nasty little film should forget that fact. In fact heaven forbid that anyone IS watching this excuse for a film.

Sandler and Kevin James play New York fire-fighters, best buddies who would give their lives for each other. James is a widower and has somehow managed to screw up his pension plan by not checking his mail thoroughly, so obviously the best way to look out for his kids in the event of his death is to marry his male best friend. Why doesn’t he find a nice woman to marry? The film finds it easier to sweep that question under the carpet, apparently he doesn’t know any women he can trust enough. One up for misogyny. Despite hammering home Sandler’s heterosexuality we are supposed to believe that he would go through with this hair brained scheme and risk ridicule from friends and family. The film manages to get round this by not giving either character any friends, apart from their work colleagues, and more surprisingly no family. These must be two sad individuals.

Once the con is on the fake couple have to be investigated by the NY social services, which leads them to seek representation from lawyer Jessica Biel. That’s right, the smoking hot, big breasted, sexy as a playboy centrefold Biel. Can you see where this is heading yet? Of course, Sandler’s womanizing character falls head over heels for Biel but can’t tell her because he is supposed to be gay. Oh the hilarity! Sandler plays his role like a man disgusted with what his character has to do, so he letches at women at every opportunity and doesn’t even try to pass himself off as a gay man. This is acting at its laziest and makes the relationship between himself and Biel a joke. If she is actually dumb enough to think he is gay there is no way she could be the high powered lawyer she is portraying. It just doesn’t make sense. Kevin James fares slightly better in this fiasco because he actually tries to make a sympathetic character, but he is fighting a losing battle. As for Ving Rhames and Steve Buscemi this marks a career low for them both.

The film wallows in caricatures and none of them are good. This film sets the gay movement back twenty years and is insulting to every sexual and racial group you can think of. Straight men are all as horny as dogs on heat who wont pick up the soap in a shower if a gay man is present, while straight women are all either fit models looking for their next sexual encounter (usually with Adam Sandler) or fat and ugly and willing to sleep with anyone (again their preference being Adam Sandler). As for gay men, Liberace would probably have taken offence at their portrayal in this. There isn’t one gay man in this film who doesn’t flounce, pout, flirt and generally camp it up at every opportunity. It makes you want to lock the film makers in a screening room and show them Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, As Good As It Gets, Flawless and Little Miss Sunshine on a loop until they understand how to portray gay characters with a little depth and sincerity.

Just when you think it can’t get any worse along comes a court case, the toe curling cringe worthiness of which has to be seen to be believed. The film tries to get politically correct and sanctimonious towards the end, telling us that the word “faggot” is bad and that gay men should be treated the same as everyone else. Newsflash guys; we already knew that! The biggest insult is saved till the end though. Having been exposed as fakes and liars, the gay community take them to their hearts and treat them like heroes. Just how stupid do they think the gay community is? Two men pretend to be gay, all the time thinking it’s disgusting, lie to a court and their workmates and try to commit fraud yet end up as poster boys for gay men and women? I don’t think so!

I would usually let people make up their own minds about a film and encourage them to see even the stuff I don’t like, after all it’s just my opinion and one mans meat is another mans poison. In this case however I implore you; don’t go! Every penny this film makes is a justification for its existence and a step closer to a sequel, and that’s something the world can well do without. If the basic premise appeals to you go to your local DVD store and rent out Strange Bedfellows, an Australian film that Chuck and Larry is obviously based on but doesnt have the good grace to own up to.



out of 10
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