Doll & Em (London Film Festival 2013) Review

It’s often said that Breaking Bad episodes would be best experienced for the first time on the big screen. Well, that’s what happened with Doll & Em, a six-part comedy series set to air in 2014. The improvised sitcom was created by Emily Mortimer and Dolly Wells, who co-write each episode with the director, Azazel Jacobs. Em and Doll (as I shall now call them) are best friends, both in real life and within the semi-autobiographical storyline: Em moves to Hollywood to shoot a new film, so brings Doll as her assistant. (“But she’s really my best friend,” says Em, less convincingly each time.) As the series progresses, the relationship breaks down, with Doll’s acting ability creating friction between the pair. image The two leads share a very convincing chemistry that’s both believable and hilarious; as a testament to their watchability, I happily sat through all six episodes (although it was a bit strange seeing the opening credits sequence every 25 minutes). In the Q&A, the two stars made a comparison to All About Eve, which I can’t quite beyond the initial plot. It’s likelier (and, to be honest, inevitable) that comparisons will be made to Curb Your Enthusiasm and Extras, but both leads are extremely likeable – enough so that such a bitter storyline can be turned into comfort viewing while still satirising fame. Oh, it’s also very funny. Doll & Em is part of the London Film Festival’s “Laugh” strand. Screening information can be found here.



out of 10

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