Cabin Fever (2016) Review

From Producer Eli Roth (Director/Writer of the original) comes a remake of 2002's Cabin Fever (Yes, just 14 years) with the exact same name, point-to-point plot ever more painfully arrogant and vile 'characters' than its predecessor.

A group of cocky alcoholic sex fiends travel to an isolated cabin in the woods to spend a week away from city life in order to live out their fantasies without the burden of parents, school or their part time jobs. Little do they know that the nearby lake is harbouring a relentless, flesh eating disease that will infect through consumption of water from said lake.

One absolute positive from the characters being incredibly tedious is that you can expect great pleasure to be had as the teenagers get picked off one by one in gruesome fashion. It takes them about 90% of the film to discover the origin of the disease, but by then its far too late.

The only real improvement over the 2002 original is the advancement of practical effects. As each of our 'protagonists' are removed from the field of play, their demises are more graphic than the last which especially pleases gore fans or in this case, audience members who are irritated by their very presence on screen.

But neither an advancement in special effects or an update in technology to make relatable 'jokes' for the target demographic warrant this remake especially after the fact that the original was only released 14 years prior and wasn't particularly received well to begin with.


An unnecessary remake with an abysmal script and irritating characters. Avoid.


out of 10

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