Blue Ruin Review

Blue Ruin is the tense journey of a nobody taking revenge for the death of his parents when he finds their killer has been released from prison. Cue mid close ups of frantic eyes and delicate dialogue from Dwight played by Macon Blair. After doing away with the convicted redneck, the almost mute Dwight quickly realises his estranged family are in danger. Soon the hunter becomes the hunted.

But things soon develop when it is not clear who killed Dwight’s parents. Was it really the man Dwight just killed? And when will enough be enough for him? Will wiping out an entire family line be satisfactory? With a few helping hands along the way, Dwight’s righteous path soon ends at a point of no return.

The simple yet captivating plot does not include many characters. Yet, the few small roles included are engaging. His long lost sister (Amy Hargreaves) and best friend (Devin Ratray) serve to show Dwight’s disappearance years ago and the fractured relationships that now exist. His unpredictable personality matches that of the plot. The drifter’s past seeps into the film as his best friend gives him a quick lesson in hunting gear and the like. No questions asked, just an understanding between childhood friends. Meanwhile, his sister flees the family home with Dwight’s incredible tenacity awaiting the bad guys.

Directed by Jeremy Saulnier, Blue Ruin is his second feature film. Funded by Kickstarter, the director uses some familiar collaborators in the film such as Blair. His delicate yet powerful performance on screen is superb and serves to justify that any man is capable of murder. The soft cinematography lingers on screen whilst the shocking gore amplifies the disconcerting qualities of the drifter. The simplistic imagery mirrors that of the main character’s own convictions. Revenge. The subtle humour from Dwight and his tricky situation harps of a Coen Brothers esque film which makes for an enthralling hour and thirty minutes.

Blue Ruin is a gripping and edgy film that will keep hold of you until Dwight decides to let go of the past and his dangerous predicament. This isn’t just an average indie drama, this is a raw and human tale.



out of 10

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